Creamy Chicken Recipe with Sour Cream

Picture this: It’s a Sunday afternoon and the smell of savory chicken fills the air. You take a deep breath in and feel your taste buds awaken as you anticipate the delicious meal that is about to be served. That is exactly what you’ll experience when you make my Chicken in Sour Cream recipe using your trusty crock pot.

This recipe has been a staple in my family for years and it’s always a crowd-pleaser at any gathering. The creamy and rich flavor of the sour cream, combined with dry white wine, paprika, and other seasonings, makes this meal perfect for any occasion. Plus, the fact that it’s cooked in a slow cooker means you can set it and forget it, giving you more time to enjoy the company of your loved ones.

I know there are countless chicken slow cooker recipes out there, but trust me when I say this one is truly special. It’s savory, comforting, and will keep everyone coming back for seconds (and even thirds). So, grab your crock pot and get ready for an unforgettable meal – I promise this Chicken in Sour Cream recipe will not disappoint!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Chicken in Sour Cream (crock Pot)
Chicken in Sour Cream (crock Pot)

This chicken in sour cream recipe is a must-have in your recipe book! The creamy, tangy sauce that the chicken is cooked in is simply irresistible. It’s a tantalizing combination of sour cream, dry white wine, and paprika that will have you licking your plates clean.

But what makes this recipe truly special is how easy it is to prepare. The slow cooker does all the work for you, leaving you with minimal dishes to wash and more time to relax. You can throw everything into the crockpot in the morning before heading off to work and come back home to a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal that everyone will love.

Moreover, this recipe uses boneless skinless chicken breasts that are high in protein while low in fat, making it a perfect choice for people who are looking for healthy meals. It’s also very versatile: the dish can be served with rice or green beans or even used as a base for other recipes such as chicken stroganoff, chicken enchiladas or chicken stuffing.

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-prepare, healthy, and delicious meal to impress your family and friends at your next gathering – look no further than this incredible chicken in sour cream recipe! It’s sure to become one of your favorite go-to recipes for any occasion.

Ingredient List

 Tender chicken drenched in a creamy, tangy sauce
Tender chicken drenched in a creamy, tangy sauce

Here are the basic ingredients you’ll need to prepare this chicken in sour cream recipe:

  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts: You’ll be using 4 to 6 chicken breasts, depending on its size.
  • Sour cream: You’ll need 2 cups of sour cream to make the creamy and tangy sauce.
  • Dry white wine: This ingredient helps to cut through the richness of the sour cream. You can use any dry white wine like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.
  • Cream of chicken soup: The added cream of chicken soup will give an extra body and savory flavor to the dish.
  • Paprika, salt and pepper: These are the seasonings needed to add a subtle layer of flavors to the chicken.
  • Chicken broth: Use 1 cup of chicken broth or chicken stock to balance the flavors and enhance richness.
  • Onion: Half cup of finely chopped onion will help enhance the aroma and deliver sweet notes to the chicken.
  • Lemon pepper seasoning: This is an optional ingredient, but it helps add a zesty tang and aroma that complements other ingredients.

The Recipe How-To

 A hearty and satisfying meal perfect for chilly nights
A hearty and satisfying meal perfect for chilly nights

Step 1: Prep the Ingredients

Before getting started with the recipe, it is important to ensure that all the ingredients are ready. For this recipe, you will need boneless skinless chicken breasts, sour cream, dry white wine, paprika, pepper, and salt. Make sure your chicken breasts are thawed before cooking.

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients

In a medium bowl, combine the ingredients together- sour cream, dry white wine, paprika, pepper, and salt. Mix them well to create a homogeneous mixture.

Step 3: Add the Chicken to the Crockpot

Place the thawed chicken in the slow cooker insert. You can sprinkle some additional salt and pepper over the chicken if you desire. Pour the mixture created in step 2 over your chicken.

Step 4: Cook the Chicken in Sour Cream

Set your slow cooker on low heat and leave it to cook for about 6 hours or until your chicken is fully cooked through (reaches an internal temperature of 165°F/75°C). Optionally, you can set your slow cooker on high heat for approximately 3 hours and check for doneness as earlier stated.

Step 5: Serve the Chicken

Once done cooking, turn off the slow cooker and let it sit unopened for about 10 minutes. This allows more time for your chicken to get moist and tender. Serve your sour cream chicken along with some rice or mashed potatoes.

Optional Step 6: Garnish with Fresh Herbs

Enhance the flavor of this dish by adding fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro or even thyme over each serving.

Now you’re ready with a delicious chicken in sour cream!

Substitutions and Variations

 Let your slow cooker do the work while you relax and enjoy the evening
Let your slow cooker do the work while you relax and enjoy the evening

If you’re looking to add some twists to this chicken in sour cream recipe, there are plenty of substitutions and variations that you can try out. Here are some ideas that you can experiment with:

1. Swap the dry white wine for chicken broth if you want to make this recipe alcohol-free.

2. If you find the paprika a bit too spicy, consider using smoked paprika instead.

3. For a bolder flavor, add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon pepper seasoning to the mixture.

4. You could also experiment with different herbs and spices like thyme or rosemary to add more dimension to the dish.

5. If you’re not a fan of chicken breasts, feel free to use boneless skinless chicken thighs instead. However, be mindful that they may require a longer cook time due to their size.

6. You can also vary it by adding other ingredients such as sliced mushrooms or vegetables like green beans or carrots.

7. As for serving suggestions or pairing ideas, you can serve it alongside rice, pasta, or even mashed potatoes for a hearty meal.

8. Furthermore, if you have leftover chicken in sour cream, try using it in other recipes such as chicken enchiladas, creamy ranch chicken, or stuffing it into bacon wrapped chicken for another unique twist.

By tweaking and experimenting with these variations on this classic recipe, you’ll be able keep things fresh and exciting each time you make it!

Serving and Pairing

 Garnish with fresh herbs for a pop of color and flavor
Garnish with fresh herbs for a pop of color and flavor

Now that you’ve cooked up this delicious and creamy chicken dish, it’s time to serve it up and enjoy! This crock pot chicken recipe goes great with a variety of sides, allowing you to customize your meal to your liking.

One classic pairing is serving the chicken over a bed of rice. The flavorful cream sauce is soaked up by the rice, creating a heavenly marriage of creamy and savory flavors. But don’t worry, if you’re trying to watch your carb intake, there are plenty of other options.

Try serving the chicken with roasted green beans or steamed broccoli for a healthier alternative. These veggies add a crisp texture and fresh flavor that will complement the richness of the chicken dish perfectly.

If you’re looking for something a little heartier, consider pairing the chicken with some mashed potatoes or stuffing. These comfort foods are sure to make your taste buds sing and will evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia.

To add a little spice to your meal, why not serve some salsa on top of the chicken? This salsa chicken variation is sure to bring some zing and is perfect for those who like a little kick in their food.

No matter how you choose to serve this delicious sour cream chicken crock pot recipe, one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be finger-licking good!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Creamy and comforting, this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser
Creamy and comforting, this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser

This recipe is perfect for busy cooks, as you can easily make it ahead of time and reheat it when ready to serve. The chicken in sour cream will keep well in the refrigerator for up to three days, tightly covered.

To store leftovers, transfer them to an airtight container and refrigerate immediately. You can also freeze the chicken in sour cream for up to two months. Simply place cooled leftovers in an airtight container, label with the date and contents, and freeze.

When you’re ready to serve again, thaw frozen leftovers overnight in the refrigerator. Then reheat in a 350°F oven or on the stovetop until heated through. Be sure to stir occasionally so that the chicken doesn’t stick to the pot.

The flavor of the chicken will deepen even more after a night or two in the refrigerator, making it even more delicious when reheated. You can also try reheating the chicken on low heat for a few hours in your slow cooker for a fuss-free dinner option.

With this recipe, you can have perfectly tender chicken in sour cream ready whenever you are craving comfort food.

Tips for Perfect Results

 Serve over rice or noodles for a filling and delicious dinner
Serve over rice or noodles for a filling and delicious dinner

Now that we have covered the recipe and its variations, let’s move on to the important tips that can help you achieve perfect results when making chicken in sour cream. As much as this recipe is straightforward, adding these tips can optimize the flavor and texture of your meal.

First and foremost, to ensure that the chicken’s flavors are well distributed, use boneless skinless chicken breasts. These parts are easy to work with and absorb flavor more efficiently than those with bones.

Another tip is to use dry white wine instead of chicken broth for a richer taste. If you prefer not to use wine, you can substitute it with chicken broth or water. Adding lemon juice or zest and additional seasonings like lemon pepper seasoning can also enhance the dish’s overall flavors.

To prevent the chicken from drying out while cooking in the slow cooker, avoid lifting the lid unnecessarily as heat escapes each time you open it. If you feel like the recipe is getting too thick, add some liquid like chicken broth or water.

When working with sour cream, keep in mind that it curdles at high temperatures. Thus, add it towards the end of cooking to avoid separation. Additionally, to prevent curdling altogether, stir it evenly through other ingredients before heating.

Lastly, if you want crispy bacon, cook bacon separately and sprinkle it over the sour cream chicken serving just before serving. This will help you get crispy bacon without compromising on the tenderness of the meat.

These tips are sure to make your next crockpot chicken meal more flavorful and enjoyable.


Before you start cooking, it’s always good to clarify any doubts you may have about the recipe. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to ensure your success in making this delicious Chicken in Sour Cream (crock Pot) Recipe.

Will sour cream curdle in crock pot?

When it comes to using dairy in slow cooker recipes, it’s important to be cautious. Milk, cream, cheese, sour cream, and yogurt are all ingredients that can curdle if cooked for too long or at too high of a temperature.

Can you put raw chicken in a crock pot?

Slow cookers and Crock-Pots are perfectly safe for cooking raw meats, including chicken. The extended cooking time, direct heat, and steam created by the tightly closed container help to eliminate bacteria, ensuring the poultry is thoroughly cooked. Similarly, frozen chicken can also be cooked safely in a slow cooker.

Why does chicken get rubbery in crock pot?

One of the most prevalent reasons for ending up with tough, overcooked chicken is the incorrect use of a slow cooker. A common mistake is using a Crockpot that is too large for the amount of food being cooked. To avoid this issue, make sure to follow the recommended slow cooker size for each meal.

Should liquid cover chicken in crockpot?

When cooking chicken breasts in a slow cooker, it is not always necessary to add liquid if the pieces are in a single layer and touching the bottom of the pot. However, if you are adding multiple layers of chicken, it may be necessary to add liquid to cover the meat. Nonetheless, it is advisable to avoid adding liquid if possible.

Bottom Line


In conclusion, this Chicken in Sour Cream (Crock Pot) recipe is the perfect pick for any home cook, either you’re a beginner or an experienced chef. With its easy-to-follow directions and simple ingredients list, you’ll have a delicious meal on the table with minimal effort. The use of the slow cooker or crockpot makes it an ideal choice for those leading a busy lifestyle. Plus, it’s adaptable enough to make substitutions and variations to suit your personal taste. Try out different side dishes, sauces, and flavors to add your signature touch.

Moreover, once you taste this creamy and savory chicken dish, you cannot help but fall in love with it. It’s perfect for serving at gatherings and parties as it feeds a crowd and pairs perfectly with different sides such as green beans or rice.

To get the best result, always remember to follow the tips provided in this recipe article. Use top-quality ingredients such as boneless skinless chicken breasts, dry white wine, and sour cream to enhance the flavor of your dish. Also, prepare ahead of time to make sure everything goes smoothly during the cooking process.

Finally, give yourself some credit for all your hard work in the kitchen. As Julia Child once said: “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” So don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with flavors until you find what works best for you.

Now put on your apron, grab your slow cooker or crockpot, and let’s get cooking!

Chicken in Sour Cream (crock Pot)

Chicken in Sour Cream (crock Pot) Recipe

Sooooooooo good and soooooo easy!!! This is one you'll make time and time again! Another recipe from my Mom... I usually serve this over cooked white rice. I occasionally find that the seasoning mixture used to rub over the chicken is not enough and so I sometimes wind up mixing up more. Depends on how much chicken you actually use. Just keep the proportions the same and its fine. Enjoy!
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 6 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Calories 898 kcal


  • 1 (3 1/2 lb) package boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 3 teaspoons salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 3/4 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • 1 (26 ounce) can condensed cream of chicken soup
  • 2 cups sour cream


  • Mix salt,pepper, and paprika in small bowl and rub over each piece of chicken and place in crock pot.
  • Mix wine and chicken soup together and pour over chicken.
  • Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 2-3.
  • Remove chicken from crock pot and place on plate. Stir sour cream into sauce mixture in crock pot. Return chicken to pot for about 5-10 minutes longer to heat through.
  • *Serve over white rice.

Your Own Notes


Serving: 760gCalories: 898kcalCarbohydrates: 20.1gProtein: 99.9gFat: 39.7gSaturated Fat: 19.3gCholesterol: 295.8mgSodium: 3273.6mgFiber: 0.2gSugar: 1.8g
Keyword < 30 Mins, Beginner Cook, Chicken, Chicken Breast, Easy, Meat, One-Dish Meal, Poultry, Very Low Carbs
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