A simple warm weather meal.

Make it ahead and stash any leftovers in the fridge for the week too if ya want.

The gift that keeps on giving 🙂

And it’ll only take you 5 short minutes to prepare. If that!

Plain Chobani, pepper jack cheese, black beans, corn and salsa.

Simple as that.

All stirred together then folded into a whole wheat tortilla.

Or served with some tortilla chips for dipping.

Maybe even a few shakes of hot sauce, if it’s not already spicy enough for ya 😉


I could also see this being versatile and fun with the addition of sliced black olives or even some diced green pepper.

Perhaps a bit of fresh cilantro and fresh crispy lettuce too piled right on top.

Easy enough, right?

Now… go enjoy all that extra time you just saved in the kitchen and get out there and soak up that spring sunshine!

Don’t you just love it? 🙂

Hey friends! 

Late post tonight eh? 😉

We’ve been busy watching movies and snugglin’ up during some pretty crazy thunderstorms over here.  The power even went out for a lil’ bit but all is well for now!

Dinner tonight was simple, easy and fresh 😛

I picked up some of this beauty at Trader Joe’s after work today

Cilantro and jalapeno hummus, don’t mind if I do!

I decided to make a Mexi themed wrap with this spicy treat….

Cilantro & jalapeno hummus plus some sliced tomato on a flour tortilla to start

Organic baby lettuces and mango salsa to finish!

To go alongside I made a simple salad using the baby lettuces, tomato, mango salsa & avocado

I love this mango salsa, it’s official.

So how about the winner of the Galaxy Granola giveaway already, time for me to get to it?!

Randomly generated in an o’so scientific fashion 😉

Congrats Gabriela!!! 

Send your shipping info over to me via email so I can send it over to the fabulous folks at Galaxy Granola and get your goods on their merry way!

Anddddddd for all you friends that entered, guess what? 

Galaxy Granola has offered a 10% discount on any orders of their granola through my OpenSky shop!!! 🙂

All you have to do is enter the code GALAXY10 at checkout to receive your discount!

I really hope that you friends try out this fantastic treat, I have been really impressed with it so far and know that you will be too!  Trust me, it’s worth a lil’ extra splurge 😉

Alright well I’m off, an early morning at the farmer’s market awaits…

Love me some Saturdays 😛

Hey hey friends!  Well I made it back to work today… just in time for Friday 😉  And it’s been crazy busy so far, but that’s okay with me because I am just happy to be back!

I also conquered passing the spot of the accident on the drive in this morning, so proud of myself!  Now just gotta do the same going home and I have faith in meeee-self that I can definitely do it. 

Lunch eats were a fast pickup from Ellwood Thompsons, a local market close to the office and one that I used to frequent often when I lived in that area.  I really wanted one of their wraps, they are so good!

Hummus Veggie Wrap 🙂

I couldn’t resist picking up this chocolate either, and obviously couldn’t contain myself long enough to snap an unopened pic…. feeling “skinnier” already 😉

Twas deelish! 

And is it sad that I can’t wait til snacktime (what am I in preschool? “snacktime” haha) so I can try the new Chobani I picked up yesterday?!

I’ll be back later with some definite words on how this went, so excited 🙂

Tonight I believe we are doing some

Car Shopping!

Hey, I’m making the best outta this situation 🙂  And The Man has done some good research and looking for me already so I feel like we are prepared to make this quick and fast ginormous purchase decision :/ haha.

What kind of car do you think I’m going to get?  I’ll give you three options friends & I want to see how well ya’ll know this lady by picking which one you think I’m in the market for!!!  😛

  1. Nissan Altima round 2
  2. BMW 3 series
  3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!! 😉  Of course I am still waiting on the insurance information early next week, but I gotta be ready.

Well, time to get through some work before my afternoon meetings… no exercise plans again tonight, I’m letting my body fully recover from the accident and it’s doing great so far (no more lower back pain & just a lil’ tightness in the upper back but almost gone!)  I hope to get back to yoga tomorrow or Sunday and ease back into the swing of things 🙂

I’ll see you guys back tonight with maybe some fun car news & perhaps even a Mexican food fiesta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ole!  Happy Friday to you fabulous peeps 🙂