A blog post? A recipe? Say what?… Yes and yes! ūüôā

This dish, which I can’t take full (or any?) credit for aside from having the ingredients on hand, was just so good that I had to share…


Hey. I may be a CookinFanatic, but I’m no Food Network chef¬†ūüėõ

This dish ended up lasting less than 24 hours. Yes. All the servings. Gone.


The recipe uses a list of ingredients many of which you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet. And it also comes together so easily, who needs to spend hours in the kitchen anyways, right?

And let’s just talk about the flavor. So.so.So. Good.

Sweet with a hint of spice. “Sweet heat” perhaps, as one could say? And the sauce that resulted was buttery and smooth and absolutely perfect for a crusty warm piece of bread to soak up. Trust me on this ūüôā

If you need an easy weeknight meal. One that’s healthy and extremely flavorful. Then this one my friends, is for you.

And just in case I don’t see ya again for a while, how about a few snapshots of life these days before we get to the recipe details…

IMG_8333 IMG_8365 IMG_8399

At least I can still call myself a CookinFanatic, as I haven’t left the kitchen for good by any means… right? ūüėÄ

Until next time!

I may have found my new favorite 3 ingredient way to prepare the most deliciously decadant (*and healthy*) shrimp. Like ever.

Tons of coconut flavor. And made with only “the good stuff” (read: not fried?) So hello, healthy too!

I know right… dreams do come true? ūüėČ


So you know when you go to a restaurant and order “coconut shrimp.” And have high ¬†hopes and dreams that those¬†delectable shrimp¬†will actually taste¬†nice n’ “coconut-ty“?

And then. They don’t…

Please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me???

So yea. THIS coconut shrimp. Not the case my friends. Not the case at all.

So.Much.Coconut.Flavor!!! ūüôā


And if you haven’t cooked with unrefined¬†coconut oil before, I highly suggest you scoop some up at your local grocery and give it a try! I love this stuff ūüôā

Here’s a bit more info for ya.

The shrimp were such a hit with both me and the lil’ sis when served atop this hearty veggie black bean medley that they¬†were made yet¬†again mere days later for the ultimate taste tester (hey Mylezzz!) during his recent weekend visit to his soon-to-be new¬†town!


And guess what. I’m pretty sure¬†they were¬†110% approved ūüôā

This sweet coconut shrimp tastes fantastic atop a quick mix of onion, green pepper, garlic, canned tomatoes, canned tomatoes w/ diced chilis and corn.

Giving¬†them a lil’ Mexi-flair.

But can also be eaten alone. With a side of sayyyy whole wheat mac n’ cheese. Or whatever ya like ūüėČ


A¬†lil’ coconut oil and chili powder play up the sweet and spicy flavors here too.

And when served together, become the perfect combo of hearty mixed with tropical and tasty, all while being friendly on the waste line!


As¬†I always say, who says that cooking has to be complicated to be good? I mean, it most certainly can be. But that doesn’t always have to be the case!

And I think this dish is the perfect example of that ūüôā


Without sights like this some days I’m not sure if fall is truly here…

With the weather going from crisp and cool to warm and summer-like  in what seems like a matter of moments!

But honestly. That is a-okay with me…

Especially considering I prefer my weather on the¬†warmer side¬†as we all know ūüėČ

Warmer weather makes for fabulous fresh dinners of Mexican tacos at my favorite Richmond taco spot¬†dreaming of margaritas by the tropical oceanside…

Chipotle chicken taco, pork & pineapple taco, fresh guac & my love:¬†nopales (cactus!) ūüôā

Warm weather also makes for simple light seafood dinners, like this simple shrimp scampi.

Which features fresh, warm weather ingredients like parsley, lemon and white wine.
Such an easy recipe and just so good!
Served over linguine with my favorite roasted garlic broccoli (just.do.it.) and Parmesan basil baked tomatoes.
So fresh. So good.
And when the weather turns a bit cooler, there’s always Sake bombs and hibachi to keep ya warm!
Kobe Steak & Sushi.
Plus bleu cheese burgers with okra fries really do the trick too!
Dear okra fries (recipe here). It’s been way too long. Sincerely, Steph ūüôā
Hope you’ve been enjoying this Fall weather too!