Chicken salad.

Not exactly known for being a “health food” in its most traditional sense…


Chicken salad made with Greek yogurt.

COCONUT Greek yogurt at that…


Game changer.


Yea. I think so. 😛

A few extra veggies.


Plus a flavorful coconut curry + sweet raisin twist…


Just might have you rethinking this chicken salad as a health food “thing” after all 😉

And watch. Couldn’t be easier.


6 ingredients here folks.


That’s it.

6 7 8



Now don’t you want a bite too? 😉


Do tell. Have you tried the coconut Chobani yet??

I must know if anyone else is as in love with it as I am!! 😀

On my way back from the OBX last weekend I of course had to make the obligatory stop at one of my favorite farmers markets for some fresh eats!

Not only did that get me home with some deliciously local goods but also avoided that dreaded post-vacay Sunday night grocery shop…

Hey, I know I’m not the only one here?! 😉


These local North Carolina zucchini and summer squash were the perfect ingredients to throw into this simple summer frittata

And, with the addition of a surprise ingredient —> Greek yogurt, this frittata became almost custard-like, seeming so rich and decadant!!

Not sure why I never tried this before?? 🙂 


No cheese even necessary. How about that folks??

Plus what is there not to love about a simple dish that you throw into the oven to do its thing while you finish your unpacking (or at least while you think about doing so? 😉 ) after a long beach weekend…


Enjoy 😀

And just when you thought you’d seen just about every use for the one and only Greek yogurt of choice


In walks this lil’ dish. A noodle-free lasagna of sorts all “beefed” up with healthy veggies and a tangy Italian tomato base.


Greek yogurt replaces a more traditional ricotta and when combined with shredded cheese & broccoli, an inventive layer for this “lasagna” is formed.


Pinterest is such a wonderful thing now isn’t it?!?!  (Source of pinspiration)

My take on this Pinspired dish included frozen chopped broccoli instead of fresh, a blend of my own spices in lieu of “Italian seasoning” and a local ground turkey which included some dark meat as well, really giving it some deep flavor.

Oh  yea, and a swap of the goat cheese for shredded monterey jack, because here’s the honest truth —> I loathe goat cheese. There, I said it.

As in hate it. As in can’t even swallow it. And believe me, I’ve tried to like it. I’ve triiiiieeeeeddddd!!! Like 36 times probably. Including the time it was offered to me by the owners of this lovely winery & I started literally sweating at the thought of (1) having to eat it and (2) having to pretend to enjoy it (this is my life people). Everyone always looks so happy eating it, why can’t I?!  

You know I shun no foods, I ate sweetbreads & tripe on my birthday for goodness sake!! *sigh* but I digress…

If goat cheese is your thang then go for it… and send me some of your taste buds while you’re at it, clearly mine are confused?! 😉

A lil’ layering…


Sliced zucchini aka “noodles” — tomato turkey mixture — yogurt & cheese.


And. Again! 

6 7

A few minutes in the oven…


And there you have it! A noodle-free, guit-free way to enjoy one of your favorite comfort foods with lots of veggie power 🙂

The flavor on the turkey mixture in this dish was fantastic. And I really enjoyed the way the yogurt mixture melted and played into that as well.

My only notes on this would be that there was a bit of excess liquid due to the frozen broccoli I believe, however a quick few spoonfuls to remove that before serving and that was all but ancient history.

Overall I’d definitely make this again. Fairly easy, super healthy and tasted delicious. Sold! 😛

Do share, do you like goat cheese??? Or am I the only weirdo out here… (wait, maybe don’t answer that 😉 )