It’s Monday and we are no longer on a patio sipping vino in the sunshine…

Haha okayyyy let’s not go there, got it 😉

So last Thursday afternoon I packed up and hit the road to Blacksburg with good ol’ Mom & Dad, family roadtrip style, to celebrate lil’ sis gettin’ that masters degree in accounting! 


By the way. If you walk, it would take almost 3 dayz. Just don’t even ask 😉

The car was packed with the essentials…

And I settled in for the 3+ hour ride with some tunes and a few beverages.

Just kidding y’all. Let’s not get too crazy here 😛

Once the Fanatic Fam arrived in Blacksburg there was a pre-graduation feast in order! Can’t go wrong with cheesy pizza goodness, right?

Especially when the veggies just balance it all out 😉

Backstreets Pizza. A favorite Blacksburg pizza stop of mine.

Oh yea. And vino. Obviously.

Good thing we filled our bellies with spinach/green pepper/onion cheesy pizza goodness, breadsticks and salad too because the next morning we were up brrrrrright and early to see lil’ miss get that official graduate degree!

So proud of her 😀 Lil’ lady has some stellar grades too and a job in Richmond that starts in just a few short months!


So excited to have her back close to home 🙂 And still can’t believe that 3/4 of our family is about to be CPA’s haha.

Oh dear.

After the graduation ceremonies and photo opps we headed over to Cabo Fish Taco for a fresh n’ sunny warm afternoon lunch hour.

Which clearly wasn’t complete without some summer-time beverages!

Definitely gonna try making these SkinnyRitas at home… huge fan.

Speaking of things I’d like to make at home. Ummm this.

Diablo Shrimp Salad:  Jumbo Black tiger shrimp & pineapple chunks skewered & grilled with a mango BBQ sauce, served over a blend of fresh greens tossed with tomato, red onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds.

And this.

Soy Ginger Shrimp Taco:  Beer battered shrimp tossed in a soy ginger glaze served in two flour tortillas stuffed with cabbage, tomato, avocado & Mixed cheeses, finished with sesame seeds & scallions.

Although I’ll never get those beer battered shrimps quite right, seriously phenomenal!

After some fro yo, a lil’ shopping and some rest we continued our enjoyment of the gorgeous sunny blue skies with some wine on the patio of Boudreaux’s, a place I hadn’t visited in a couple years.

This was the perfect patio white too. Really enjoyed it!

After patio bevvies we headed over for dinner at one of the campus’s largest dining halls. Fanatic Mom & Dad were stayin’ in the dorms (oh yea!) so we dined campus style!

At first I was skeptical but must say that I really enjoyed this mushroom cutlet topped with tomato sauce and the few other goodies I picked up.

Stop eating all our food?


There may or may not have been a few more bevvies to be had before the morning farmers market rolled around too, ya know how that goes 😉

A lil’ fuel for the market!

Where I picked up some fresh organic cilantro & green leaf lettuce before hitting the road back to the RVA 😀 

Welcome home Short Pump…

But not for long?! 😉

Oh yea. And as for that cilantro.

Yep. THAT happened. But more on that veryyyy soon 😀

Happy Monday!