Well it’s been quite a while since we’ve had one of these now hasn’t it…

Giveaway time!! ūüėÄ

Remember this Mushroom Beef Bolognese over Polenta featuring Tottorosso crushed tomatoes w/ basil?


Well. Now’s your chance to get ahold of sample pack (3) of¬†these same great tomatoes¬†to try on your very own!

Perhaps there’ll be some bolognese in your future too ūüėČ

All you have to do to enter:

Do tell, leave a comment below with your favorite way to use canned tomatoes in your kitchen. Any recipe links much welcomed too of course!

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Just leave me a comment below if ya do so I know and can count the extras!

P.S. Have I got a new¬†recipe to share with¬†you! One that lil’ sis and I enjoyed on a snowy afternoon, a chili of sorts but with some¬†guest appearances by butternut squash & spinach!

It appears as though snow days can be rather productive after all ūüėČ


Happy tomato eating friends, enjoy!

¬†Contest ends Friday, March 15 ūüôā

Friday off work.

Open doors, birds chirping, cool spring morning breezes.

Pumpkin bread oats and iced coffee.

Everyday should start like this, no? ūüôā

Richmond riverside.

Love this city.

Stella’s lunch. Speaking of love…

Fanatic Mom and I fell in love with this place. And this meal.

RVA’er’s – go here.


Stella’s homemade¬†grape leaves stuffed with rice & herbs. Tzatziki.

Lentil soup. Vegan.

Seriously amazing. Somehow creamy and almost sweet. Adored.

Freshly baked bread. Olive oil.

Simplicity at its finest.

This place impressed. We most definitely will be going back.

St. Paddy’s day oats. Topped with pistachio cake¬†made by¬†my friend Kelly.

So good and so festive!

St. Paddy’s Day lunch with the girls, including¬†my favorite lil’ munchkin ever.

Can’t even handle the cuteness ūüėõ

Shamrock the Block with my JMU girls. 

So much fun…

Now this. Alot of this ūüėČ

Keepin’ it real on Sunday here. Clearly.

Hope y’all enjoyed your holiday weekend just as much!

Chobani winner.


Congrats Denise!

Shoot me an email with your shipping info (cookinfanatic@gmail.com) and I’ll¬†send it to the folks at Chobani to get your Cho on its way! ūüôā

This is a remake of¬†this lil’¬†ricotta enchilada recipe¬†that I originally made a few seasons back.

One that I remember being just delightful and unlike any other enchilada I’d had before…

Say what? Ricotta in an enchilada?

Say yes.

Now THAT’S what I’M sayin’ ūüėȬ†

Fresh, slightly sweet ricotta combined with creamy refried beans, salty black olives and spicy jalapeno peppers is a serious combo. Seriously good. Both in flavor and in texture!

These enchiladas almost get a pillow-like texture once baked and are creamy as could be.¬†Shout out to¬†the ricotta for that please and thank you ūüėõ

Peach-mango salsa and hot sauce only add to the fun, bringing sweet flavors to the table married with a subtle spiciness.

If you’re looking to think outside the traditional “enchilada box” then I’d highly suggest giving these a whirl. Use whatever veggies you like too, I just happened ot have these items on hand ūüôā

Black olives. Roma tomatoes. Jalapeno peppers. Lime.


Folded into creamy light ricotta with some shredded mozzarella cheese.

Then combined with my favorite tomatoes, peach & mango salsa and roasted chipotle & lime refried beans.

Wrapped up tight in a red chile tortilla, these are as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Refried beans, right outta the can.

2. Ricotta veggie mixture, spread on top.

3. All rolled up and placed into a baking dish until it’s full.

Then covered with the spicy sweet tomato salsa sauce.

If you’ve never tried using salsa in lieu of a more “traditional” enchilada sauce I’d highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite ways to change things up and tastes wonderful, see!

—> pumpkin chipotle enchiladas

—> end of summer enchiladas

—> 30 minute summer squash & bean enchiladas

Baked until warm and melty and just a bit browned around the edges.

Then served. With more hot sauce of course if you like to keep things spicy ’round here ūüėČ

This enchilada recipe just screams 80-degree-March-weather-days, now doesn’t it? You friends gettin’ those too… hope so. Love it.


** Don’t forget to enter to win your very own case of Chobani before Sunday, March 18!! **