With March 1st somehow making it’s appearance today (yesssssss!!) how about some of the warmer weather favorites that I’ve had my eye on this past week and just can’t wait to share!?!

And who knows, perhaps they’ll interest you too as the days get longer and the temps get milder. I mean, how can you not love spring?! 😉

Happy Friday and enjoy!

Blackberry Cucumber Chicken Salad —> with Pear Chobani

Let me repeat myself. With.pear.Chobani?!?!?

I meannnnnnn… my mind is kinda blown here. This was immediately put on the top of my to-try list after seeing it on Pinterest!!

chicken salad
Photo credit.

I just adore plays on flavors like this. Sweet pear yogurt, tangy blackberries and spicy cumin balanced with cool cucumbers sounds like heaven on a croissant to me! No?

And how about eating this fruity chicken salad while wearing this dress

 This dress. Ohhhhhhh this dress. *sigh*

Photo credit.

Pretty sure I’ve thought about this dress at least 3 times a day ever since seeing it… 

Paired with some strappy flat summer sandals or dressed up with heels I can see this being the perfect warm weather attire for an easy evening patio cocktail hour!!

Along with cute summer dresses, warmer weather always has me craving seafood treats, especially when they are budget friendly yet delicious like these Poor Man’s “Crab” Cakes

Which I’ll probably need to be eating in order to afford all of the clothes and jewelry that can’t seem to stop catching my eye 😉


I made these a while back and forgot about how perfect they are for a light dinner when served with a simple fresh salad…  must make again soon!

Tuna Cakes

And yes. Canned tuna people. Seriously. Tastes like a restaurant quality crabcake here. I don’t get it either… just trust me on this okay? 😉

Speaking of the sea… and patios…

I would just love to be wearing this lil’ number on a warm beach evening on a patio close to the oceanside somewhere right about now!

summer outfit

Photo credit.

Can’t get enough of solid striking colors paired with simple basics. Seriously, this is 100% my style, no fancy prints or stripes necessary!

And while we’re dreamin’ of beaches & jewelry & things here….

Ummmmm this ring. Just this ring!!!


Probably one of my favorite pieces like ever. Gahhh Love.

What is it with me & the jewelry lately? I blame Lil’ sis for getting me hooked! I mean, what else are little sisters for?? 😛

And just in case you aren’t quite ready to let go of the cooler winter temps…. here’s one last treat that just might have to happen before the cold weather departs!!

mexican hot chocolate
Photo credit 

Hot chocolate. Tequila. Spicy cayanne.

I mean. Right? Glad we’re on the same page here…

Do share, what are YOU loving lately?!??!

Things I’m loving this week, now that it’s Fridayyyy and all…

Yayyy! 😛

Monday flight night @ Secco Wine Bar with the ladiez.

Three wine tasting for $10.00. 

Dealer’s choice. Whites and a red (pink?) upon request.

The Barboursville Reserve Viognier Reserve was killer. Loved it.

Partner in crime. Clearly 😉

Photog cred

Recipe that I’d love to have just “appear” on my dinner table: 
Cheese soufflé stuffed artichokes

I can’t even…

Photog cred

Right? Ummm YUMMM 😀

This dress. Which I almost purchased a couple weekends ago.

Think I may have to take the plunge. Love its simple elegance!

Speaking of Anthrothis candle may be the best thing I’ve ever smelled.

I can’t stop with it, adore.

Baltic Amber. A little slice of tinned heaven.

And I think we’ve already been over this (maybe just a few times) before haha…


Whether in a simple orzo arugula salad, piled atop sliced baguette & cheese or slathered onto a whole wheat tortilla and wrapped up with warm steak slices…

This stuff is seriously phenomenal.

Whole Foods stash <— watch out now (??) 😛


Hope y’all have a fabulous (holiday) weekend ahead 😀

What are you loving this week?!?


Say that three times… haha.

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Favorites post now hasn’t it?!

How about we change that right now mmmkay 🙂


Favorite Spin on a Classic:

Latin Lasagna

Latin Lasagna

Sweet plaintains in lieu of traditional noodles paired with spicy chorizo and a cumin-spiked cheese sauce, I need this in my life!

Favorite Bring-the-Spice-Factor:

SRIRACHA Croutons (!!) from Taste of Healthy Goodness

green lentil soup with spicy crouton 2

Photog Cred:  Taste of Healthy Goodness.

I think there’s no explanation required here… 😛

Favorite Super Bowl Eatz:

Buffalo Chicken Poppers w/ Avocado Bleu Cheese Dip from Iowa Girl Eats

Photog cred:  Iowa Girl Eats

Avocado AND bleu cheese WITH buffalo sauce?  Oh-em-gee.

Favorite New-to-Me Song: 

Wax Poetic Ft. Norah Jones – Angels

Not quite sure what it is about this song but I can’t seem to get enough?!

Favorite Beauty Product:

Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner

Blue Malva Color Conditioner

Great for extending & brightening up blonde color! Just ask your stylist how long to leave it on / how often to use it because it’s dark purple, unless that’s a look  you’re going for 😉

Favorite new Chobani Flavor:

Apple Cinnamon

Make that my new favorite Chobani flavor of all time… yep, pineapple just got trumped.  Didn’t even think that was possible?  How DO they do it 😉

Favorite Kitchen Idea

I’ve deemed this the “genius cutting board” – no?!


Photog Cred

Thanks for sharing this one Janeetha!

Hope all of you enjoy your weekends and you know I’ll be seeing ya soon with some new recipe ideas! I’ve gotten some great inspiration from this new birthday gift and I’m ready to get to cookin’ 🙂

What are you loving this week?