It’s been a while. A seven months kinda while. But. I’m feeling inspired again!

Since I last saw you my city girl life has found me in the Richmond countryside. Quite the change wouldn’t you say? 😉


See updated “About Me” page if you’d like!

A change that has not only been wonderful for so many reasons, but also one that has sparked a resurgence of my kitchen inspiration!  Something about those long range views and clean fresh air really makes cooking that much more enjoyable 🙂

And since it’s summer. And since I love (1) an easy recipe (2) Chobani Greek yogurt and (3) a lightened up and refreshing dish that still tastes delicious. I knew that this would be the one to share with you.

This broccoli salad came as a request. The exact request of “a crunchy broccoli salad” … lots of direction there, huh? So I decided to get some ingredients together and see if I was up for the challenge!

Chobani crunch broccoli salad

The result. All the thumbs up. All of them. This broccoli salad has the fun twist of crunchy sunflower seeds and tangy lemon, topped off with that sharp taste of cheddar that I’m not sure anyone could turn down. Except my sister. She could. But she hates cheese. A concept that after 26 years I am yet to understand…

But I digress.

This broccoli salad would be a delicious addition to any meal. Or the perfect side dish to bring a warm weather get together. Heck, it’s even great just for an after work snack, trust me on that 🙂

And the best part. It only takes 5 minutes to throw together.

So with that. Enjoy!



I always love a simple & tasty way to enjoy a veggie packed meal.

And this recipe idea, which a friend recently shared with me, was the perfect way to do just that as well as end the weekend on a healthy note! 🙂


This jazzed up version of a basic pasta sauce sneaks in all sorts of green goodness. And tastes great too.

All you need:

Onion. Zucchini. Garlic. Frozen spinach.

Your favorite pasta sauce. Lean ground turkey. 


And just a few minutes to saute and stir!

Onion. Garlic. Olive oil.


Ground turkey. Salt. Pepper.

And if meat isn’t your thing, I’m sure that a meat substitute or white beans would taste great here too!


Zucchini. Shredded.


I used a mandolin slicer. However a grater would work too.


Pasta sauce. 

This Simply Enjoy Tomato Basil is one of my new favorites. It’s just the Giant store brand however has no extra additives (eh hmmm sugar) and tastes great!


Frozen spinach.


And you’re done!


Serve the sauce over fresh pasta or even spaghetti squash. Which I’ll be doing tonight with the leftovers 🙂


Or just eat it plain. It’s super tasty just as-is. Not that I would know 😉

Farro… Not to be confused with pharoah??

Womp womp. I really didn’t say that, promise 😉

But all “jokes” aside… this lil’ lemony accented Greek inspired farro salad is most definitely fit for a king!

See what I did there?


So I stumbled upon this 10 minute Farro on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s…


I had heard of it before, seen it on various cooking shows, however never used it in my own kitchen.

And I think y’all know how those “situations” end…. time to change all that! 😛

So what is farro anyways?

Farro is a fiber-rich grain that releases starch as it cooks, yet maintains a chewy al-dente texture, which makes it ideal for risotto-style dishes. Farro can also be used in salads, soups, and breads. 


We’re working with some protein in there too eh!! 🙂

So I figured that since I’ve been on such an artichoke kick lately, what better way to enjoy this new-found ingredient than combined with some ‘chokes and other delicious Greek-inspired add ins?!


Perfect flavors for the summer 🙂

This simple salad comes together as fast as boiling the farro…


Rinsing the artichokes…


Stirring up a quick vinaigrette… 


And combining all the goods!!


Roasted red peppers…


Black olives…




I mean how good does this look already??

I just adore warmer weather inspired recipes like this, easy clean flavors but just so good!


Lemon thyme vinaigrette.


And there you have it.

Deliciously refreshing, whether served warm or cool!


Plus the texture of farro is one that I now can’t seem to get enough of.

Just a bit of a “chew” makes it so much more fun that your classic rice or quinoa!


And while we’re on the topic of warm or cool…

Just a lil tip for y’all, this goes wonderfully served cool atop a bed of greens with a little extra dressing.

And also — wait for ittttt — added to a hot pan with a couple eggs and turned into a fried rice of sorts!

I know. Me too. Mind blown. So good 😉

So. Farro. Give it a try. I think you’ll like it!