Pumpkin craziness is officially upon us now isn’t it?!

Don’t mind the 90+ degree weekends or anything 😉

So in the spirit of all things Fall, I thought it was fitting to share one of my favorite go-to pumpkin recipes.


One that I’ve made quite a few times over the years.

It’s just too deliciously easy to resist!

All you need are a few pantry staples and a few minutes. Easy as that 🙂


Chickpeas. Pumpkin. Coconut Milk.


Onion. Tomato. Curry powder. Fresh mint. Coconut oil. (or any oil).



Onions. Beautifully coated in rich yellow curry powder & decadant coconut oil.


Fresh diced tomatoes.


Drained, rinsed chickpeas.


Canned pumpkin. Light coconut milk.


Fresh mint. Cracked black pepper.


A quick simmer. Some brown rice. And a few more sprigs of fresh mint to serve.


And Meatless Monday dinner is here. With tons of flavor to bring to the table.

Go ahead. Top it with some spicy sambal oelek or sriracha too if you so desire 😉

Split peas.

Seen ’em. Eaten ’em. But never cooked with ’em.

So let’s get tropical here why don’t we… ?

Hey, why not!

And no, that is not a rotten banana 😉

It’s a plantain!

Have you tried one?

I love them! Simply sautéed or baked with a few spices or  even added to a tropically inspired chicken & plantain stew… yum 🙂

A little bit of coconut oil for sautéing.

And a sprinkling of curry powder for major flavor power!

If you’ve never cooked with coconut oil before, I’d highly suggest trying it.

It lends a sweet flavor to any dish and has so many wonderful nutritional properties.

And don’t be scared when you buy it…

It’s solid until it’s warmed a bit! 

Well unless it’s summer time or something 😀

Coconut oil, onion, garlic, plantain and curry powder. 

Split peas, coconut milk and H20 to round out the recipe.

Followed by a quick simmer to finish things off.

Not the most picturesque meal on the table, however tasty, comforting and filling!

No sense in judging a book by its cover now is there 😉

And if it gets too thick, just add a little additional water either before serving or when reheating leftovers. Or just leave it thick and dip tortilla chips into it, it’s really good! Not that I would know or anything…

After a long, rainy, my-shoes-were-wet-all-day-from-the-5-block-walk-into-work-in-a-torrential-downpour-thank-goodness-I-packed-flip-flops? kinda day I came home this evening to a surprise that could turn any frown upside down… !

Well hello there Chobani.  How youuuu doin’?  Lovin’ these mega containers, definitely great for cooking & baking me thinks.  Oh and eating too of course 🙂

I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year since that lil’ commercial, my goodness how times flies!

Since I only had some leftovers on the dinner menu agenda, I figured why not jazz them up with a fun side dish using my favorite yogurt of all time 😉

So I shuffled through the cabinets, through the fridge and found these lil’ treasures:

Carrots, raisins and curry powder.

You see where I’m going with this….?

Freshly shredded carrot.  Combined with sweet, plump organic raisins.

Then draped with a creamy curry yogurt blend.

Seasoned with a pinch of sea salt, black pepper and cane sugar.

And served.  Simple as that.

The result?  I LOVED this salad. Absolutely loved it.

Especially after one of “those days” 😀

Something about the spiciness of the curry went so very perfectly with the tangy Greek yogurt, and sweetened up with raisins and a bit of sugar, ohhhh myyyy goodness it was happy times.

Even though this may seem like more of a summer salad, I assure you that the warm curry flavors really make this just wonderfully comforting for any rainy, cool fall evening 🙂

See ya never mayonnaise?