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Enchi-Mexi Zucchini & Black Bean “Lasagna”

 Well, Cinco de Mayo recipe, better late than never right?!?! ;)


This recipe came about after an evening spent with some of my favorite people throwing together our own spin on these Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini Boats


Which we turned into a “lasagna” of sorts. Sans noodles. Zucchini instead!

Which then morphed the very next night into this vegetarian version using black beans plus the leftover ingredients.

And I must tell you. Both options were s-t-e-l-l-a-r!

Mostly thanks to THIS SAUCE. Which is seriously just off the charts in the flavor department if you ask me :)

And puts any canned enchi sauce to shame!


It’s amazing just how super easy it is to throw together too…. using a basic tomato sauce, garlic, canned chipotles in adobo, cumin, chili powder and a lil’ salt & pepper.


That’s it! All ya need. And I bet most of these ingredients you already have in your pantry :)

Note: You can find canned chipotles in adobo in the Mexican food aisle at most grocery stores.

The rest of this recipe includes lots of healthy & delicious greens, making it super nutritious and friendly on the waistline.


Not to mention wallet-friendly with the addition of the canned black beans as the protein…


Thinly sliced zucchini serve as the “noodle” in this “lasagna” and become melt in your mouth when baked with the spicy smoky sauce and hearty black bean mixture.


Now all that’s left is to play a little layering game…!

6 7 8 9 10 11

And into the oven to get all melty cheesy and ooey gooey delicious :D


Fresh clean healthy flavors with a hint of richness from the melted cheese and creamy black beans. And even though this loaded with veggies, this dish was hearty, comforting and filling!


The addition of the chipotles in adobo lends the most wonderfully smoky flavor and I’d highly suggest giving this enchi sauce a go at home, even if it’s not to make this dish! 

This “lasagna” is definitely the perfect satisying, hearty yet light summer dish if you ask me, and one that I’ll be making again for certain :)


Spicy Sesame Summer Pasta & Veggie Salad

Well it appears as though summer has made herself an early appearance this year! :)

In the form of much welcomed 80 degree weather after snow storms just a short yet distant memory ago…?


Can we just talk about how much I adore hot summer weather too by the way?!

Ok good. Glad we’re all on the same page here :)

So to welcome in the gloriously warm temps this week I threw together what just may be deemed the CookinFanatic summer pasta salad for the season!!

This one far surpassed my taste-pectations and also comes Fanatic Mom and Lil Sis approved…

I WILL be making this again. Many times if I know myself well enough ;) It was just so good!


Ignore the soy sauce. It didn’t make the cut.

Not only is it super fresh. Super healthy. And super delicious. But also super economical, veggie-fied and bikini-season-friendly! :)

I mean. What more can you want from a warm weather basically no-cook recipe… right?


Bright summer veggies. 


Combined with hearty whole wheat pasta elbows.


Creamy delicious chickpeas, which are such a staple in summer salads around this kitchen!


Fresh cilantro. Just probably my favorite fresh herb of all time. Adore it.


And topped with the most flavorfully easy Asian inspired dressings yet! :)


Fresh ginger. Sweet white balsamic vinegar. Spicy sambal oelek*. Toasty sesame oil. Salt. Pepper. Done.

* You can find sambal oelek at the Asian market or Asian foods aisle of most grocery stores. Substitute sriracha if you prefer, although this will add a hint of garlic flavor to the pasta salad.


You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to dig into that too?! :)


Refreshing & light. Perfect served alone or atop a bed of greens with some additional dressing.


Or even with topped with salad shrimp or chopped grilled chicken to please any meat-eater that might be dining as well!


I think this is a recipe that you will enjoy as much as we did :)

Minestrone for all the Seasons

This soup reminds me a bit of the weather.

Which can’t seem to make up it’s mind these days!

Snow one day. Short sleeves the next. ???

Think we all know the drill by now :)

A minestrone full of veggies spring and fall.

From zucchini to tomatoes to potatoes to hearty collard greens.

See what I’m sayin? Just about as mixed up as that wacky weather of ours.

Only so much more delicious ;)

Plus easy. Oh so easy. See…


Onions. Zucchini. Potatoes. Garlic.

1 2 3


Vegetable Broth.


Tomatoes. Oregano.


White Beans. Collard Greens.


A touch of sweet balsamic to balance out those greens.


And hearty whole wheat pasta to complete.


Whether enjoyed on a cool spring afternoon or a cozy fall evening.


I think you’ll think that this soup not only tastes deliciously of all the seasons.


But is also packed full of healthy goodness to make even the coolest day seem warm :)


And in case you don’t get to finish it all in one sitting…

The greatest idea I’ve seen in a while:muffin


Brilliant :) Right?