Later sunsets + the warmth of sunshine to soak up after work… 🙂

A perfect recipe for better food photography and lightened up warm weather versions of cooler weather recipe favorites! 

Like this chili for instance. Which is kinda like a vegetarian chili. But also kinda not, because, well ya know. BACON.



Turkey bacon. An item I seem to be using often in the kitchen these days. 

I mean, what better way to add a healthy dose of hearty flavor to an otherwise veggie & bean overload… ?AmIRight?

And hey, don’t get me wrong. I love me some veggies! But sometimes I just need a little sumthin’ more 🙂


The usual suspects make their appearance. Black beans, corn, tomatoes, onion, green pepper and garlic.

But then boom. Turkey BACON. Add that to the mix! Which with some smoky paprika, spicy chili powder and flavorful cumin is more of a match made in heaven with this chili then me basking in the glory of the 80 degree sunshine 😀


So yes. I liked this one ALOT. It was gone in 2 servings “ALOT?? 


Such great flavor. Why haven’t I added smokey paprika to my chili bowl before?  

Plus the perfect hearty-chili-texture without being weigh-ya-down heavy like your more traditional ground beef version. And with a bit more oomph than just keepin’ it Veg. 

Perfect recipe for summer time temps if you ask me 🙂  Enjoy!


One of my favorite add-ins to a quick n’ simple dinner time soup:


Yes, there’s the bacon. But we’ll get to that later…

Pasta sauce!!

All the spices and flavor already at your finger tips, what’s not to love??

And when you find a go-to pasta sauce  (Whole Foods sauces are great for the price in my opinion), it’s hard to deviate on a cold winter weeknight 🙂

This time around was a roasted vegetable sauce

Which clearly just hadddddddddddd to be balanced out with the rich and hearty flavor of…. BACON!!!

I mean, what doesn’t bacon make better?? And seriously it takes so very little to go so so far. This little bit added enough flavor to a pot of soup that was almost over flowing at the rim!

Now that’s good stuff 😀

Or if we wanna go with the new 2013’ism —> “flavor y’all”

That one’s for you Ms. Thirsty Richmond 😉


What better way to enjoy a healthy dose of veggie goodness than alongside creamy white beans, tender orecchiette pasta, zesty pasta sauce and hearty flavorful bacon all while wrapped into a warm comforting soup 🙂

Plus, when asked what’s for dinner, responding with “____ w/ bacon” always sparks some interest with that meat eating “where’s the chicken” boyfriend of yours.

I mean… right?

Of course. If you want to try this recipe idea without the bacon. I wouldn’t oblige to that either 😉


Well the holiday season is officially upon us… how did that happen so fast?!

But not before we revisit a new Lane family Thanksgiving dinner favorite. 

If only we could revisit this at the same time too.. 😉

A recipe that was made for this year’s turkey day dinner. And then requested to be made again the very next night!

I mean, who am I to turn down giving the fam what they like… especially if that includes baaaaaaaacon 😉

Right? 😀

Bacon and onion.

Brown sugar too.

Fresh brussels sprouts.

Into the bacon pan.


Until browned.

Then all together now.


With some sweet maple syrup.

And yea. Just as tasty as they sound. And hopefully as they look!

Crowd pleaser. Brussels sprouts. Who knew?

From our family to yours, hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!