This is almost too silly easy to post. But since I’ve eaten it twice in the past three days and could have it again for dinner tonight, I thought it may be worthwhile to at least someone out there 😛

3 Simple Ingredients.

1:  Beef. Grass-fed and hormone-free.


And TWO DOLLARS. Whoever says that eating healthfully & ethically is “too expensive”… anyways 😉

You just gotta get creative!!


Chuck shoulder steak. Which, unless cooking low and slow, needs to be marinated for at least 12 hours before a quick sear.

No one wants shoe leather served up on their dinner plate now do they? 😉 

2:  San-J Tamari Sesame dressing. I seriously can’t rave about this stuff enough. I’ve gone through mayyyyybe 2 bottles in the past week or so? Don’t judge.

3. Sambal Oelek. Sriracha’s purer cousin and probably one of my favorite things everrrrrrr. And the only time I say byebyebye to garlic.


I marinated this steak for a day the first time around. And 12 hours the next time around. Both led to steak perfection!

The steak took a mere 30 seconds on each side to cook, with just a bit of olive oil in a medium-high pan. You want that pink in the middle!! 


Seriously still don’t know why I can’t get enough of this. Maybe the simplicity of just some truly amazing flavors. Who knows – who cares – I’m gonna grab a knife and fork and enjoy (maybe for the third time this week??!!)

Hey, we don’t judge here 🙂


Well it appears as though summer has made herself an early appearance this year! 🙂

In the form of much welcomed 80 degree weather after snow storms just a short yet distant memory ago…?


Can we just talk about how much I adore hot summer weather too by the way?!

Ok good. Glad we’re all on the same page here 🙂

So to welcome in the gloriously warm temps this week I threw together what just may be deemed the CookinFanatic summer pasta salad for the season!!

This one far surpassed my taste-pectations and also comes Fanatic Mom and Lil Sis approved…

I WILL be making this again. Many times if I know myself well enough 😉 It was just so good!


Ignore the soy sauce. It didn’t make the cut.

Not only is it super fresh. Super healthy. And super delicious. But also super economical, veggie-fied and bikini-season-friendly! 🙂

I mean. What more can you want from a warm weather basically no-cook recipe… right?


Bright summer veggies. 


Combined with hearty whole wheat pasta elbows.


Creamy delicious chickpeas, which are such a staple in summer salads around this kitchen!


Fresh cilantro. Just probably my favorite fresh herb of all time. Adore it.


And topped with the most flavorfully easy Asian inspired dressings yet! 🙂


Fresh ginger. Sweet white balsamic vinegar. Spicy sambal oelek*. Toasty sesame oil. Salt. Pepper. Done.

* You can find sambal oelek at the Asian market or Asian foods aisle of most grocery stores. Substitute sriracha if you prefer, although this will add a hint of garlic flavor to the pasta salad.


You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to dig into that too?! 🙂


Refreshing & light. Perfect served alone or atop a bed of greens with some additional dressing.


Or even with topped with salad shrimp or chopped grilled chicken to please any meat-eater that might be dining as well!


I think this is a recipe that you will enjoy as much as we did 🙂

This corn soup-chowdah-whatevah. Bulked up with frozen peas plus some egg whites whipped in, egg drop soup style.

Can’t.get.enough. As in “eat for two meals in a row” can’t get enough… 😉


Especially when topped with hot sauce, always hot sauce

Speaking of hot….

This dry-fried eggplant from award winning Peter Chang China Cafe

Finding a place on Bon Appetit’s top 50 Best New Restaurants. And well deserved at that.


Spicy! And a perfect dinner out with friends, sharing family style 🙂

And then there was…

This shirt. Just this shirt.


Mr. Steal Your Girl.

Day-trips down to Williamsburg to browse (buy?) the outlets. So many cute finds! Fortunately, this was not one of them. Although I may be having some regrets, #stylin’ (?)… 😉

This at home surf n’ turf dinner for some fabulous dinner guests.

Steaks. Crabcakes. Potatoes. Pea/Carrot/Mushroom veggie blend.


Plus wine. Always wine.

By the way. Fresh Market’s crab cakes baked in the oven for a simple 15 minutes with a flip. Perfection. The end.

This night out with friends. Complete with Avalon’s extra dirty martinis, which had me at hello just a few weeks back and we’re still goin’ strong… just too good!! 😉


This lil’ kitchen experiment. With a fabulous product that I picked up at World Market a few weeks back.


And yes. That’s a new recipe for ya’ll in the background there 😀

A simple summer salad that will be perfect for all those warm weather events in the near future. Light, refreshing and healthy with hints of basil & lemon stirred right in. Plus easy. So easy.


Stay tuned…!