Life sure has been busy.  That is a fact! But I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Seems like so many of my weekends this summer have started off crossing this familiar bridge…


… into one of my favorite places ever!


Outer Banks, North Carolina

This time around it was to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful friends of mine over a long beach wedding weekend!! 🙂


Which was spent in this amazing abode…


Yea. With a volleyball court, pool that flashed flourscent lights at night (huh??), movie theater, sauna, kitchen of my dreams… this place was the real deal!

In addition to the stellar digs, the weather also ended up being sunny with a side of unlikely-September-warmth which meant plenty of beach time was had…


My kinda Friday!!

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception just a blast. Not to mention the other days spent relaxin, loungin and “celebrating” too 😉

It’s so interesting how bringing so many people together from all walks of the couple’s lives just seemed to work out. Made some awesome new friends and took away some fabulous memories. Couldn’t ask for more!

In addition to celebrating the lovely couple I also had some celebrating of my own to do after receiving a promotion at work last week…


So some extra “cheers-ing” was in order for that, of course!

Those all count as good reasons for the lack of cooking related posts, right? 😛

Well. Hopefully that’ll change soon, but with everything going on these days can’t make any promises…

Until then, I guess I’ll have alot of time to think of some new recipe ideas for Fall, since we seem to have set foot into the cool down season!!

Bye bye beach days. Hello brisk cool mornings.

I think it’s just about *pumpkin tiiiiiiiiiime* 🙂

pumpkin cinnamon butter ravioli

I’m thinkin’ these Pumpkin Cinnamon Butter Ravioli just might need to make an appearance in the Cookinfanatic kitchen soon enough?!

Recipe here.

What pumpkin recipes are you looking forward to making this Fall? Do share – I am always looking for new pumpkin ideas!

Still holding onto that last bit of summer. With more delicious eats and fabulous times 🙂

So just tell me again. Why does summer have to end….? *sigh*

Well. You know what they say.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end“….  Right??

 tempura green beans The Boathouse

Tempura green beans. Fry Get them vegetables?!?!

The Boathouse Rocketts Landing

One of my favorite views in RVA. The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing.

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Soaking in the last pool day of the summer. So many good times *sigh*.

Bye bye bikini?

Social 52

And washing it all down with some hot weather inspired beverages too.

Granny’s Elixir @Social 52. Green Apple Vodka, White Cranberry, Mint, Strawberries, & Sauvignon Blanc.



Stopping for some quit eats. Only the best chicken salad in town. Or ever?

Christopher’s Runaway Gourmet.


Then waking up to cooler temperatures and no sign of city streets.

Enjoying this change of pace for a few 😉


Especially since it resulted in the most perfect wine sipping weather there ever was.

Which was easily enjoyed at one of the most perfect close-to-Richmond spots for sipping 🙂

New Kent Winery.


Crisp wine. And crisp blue skies. All within 20 minutes of the city. How lucky are we?!?!


 Oh yea. And some “crafting”…. let’s use the term loosely okay? But coffee beans in a mason jar to hold your makeup brushes make for not only easy use but also smells just lovely!

Try it. I promise 🙂

And since y’all know me well enough by now…

One more last beach hurrah before the summer comes to a close. See ya from the Outer Banks!!!


Not my photo cred but will be soon enough 🙂

Have a great week everyone!





No recipes. Just fun in the sun 🙂


And obviously 80’s parties. Casual Wednesday attire?

I think the real question here is why do I own (1) stirrup leggings and (2) this shirt. But anyways.

 2 7

At least it was a chance to try some awesome new cocktails!

?white whiskey and white watermelon and lime and green chartreuse? <3

Beautiful morning sunshine. 

Soaking it in before it’s time again to wake up to winter darkness 🙁


Keeping eyes peeled for random ?kinda funny? city sights to be seen…

FastAndAffordable. Keep it classy Richmond.


Spending time with JMU besties, who have now become decade-long friends.

Remind me again how it’s been that long? 😉


So yes. You may be wondering if I’ll ever be cooking again.

Even Lucy wants to know, who do you think gets to “clean up” all the spills? 😛


I guess “cooking” doesn’t really count when it’s just throwing together a few cans of beans and tomatoes and some sliced squash into a pot to make a weeknight ?chili? … or does it?? 😉

Hey, I did that!

Maybe the start of Fall will be my kitchen month. Who knows…

Until then. Soaking up the rays for as long as I still can 😀

Wrightsville Beach, NC here we come!!!

Oh hey. So. Anyone been?! Restaurant recs much welcomed if so 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying the tail end of the summer too!