With March 1st somehow making it’s appearance today (yesssssss!!) how about some of the warmer weather favorites that I’ve had my eye on this past week and just can’t wait to share!?!

And who knows, perhaps they’ll interest you too as the days get longer and the temps get milder. I mean, how can you not love spring?! 😉

Happy Friday and enjoy!

Blackberry Cucumber Chicken Salad —> with Pear Chobani

Let me repeat myself. With.pear.Chobani?!?!?

I meannnnnnn… my mind is kinda blown here. This was immediately put on the top of my to-try list after seeing it on Pinterest!!

chicken salad
Photo credit.

I just adore plays on flavors like this. Sweet pear yogurt, tangy blackberries and spicy cumin balanced with cool cucumbers sounds like heaven on a croissant to me! No?

And how about eating this fruity chicken salad while wearing this dress

 This dress. Ohhhhhhh this dress. *sigh*

Photo credit.

Pretty sure I’ve thought about this dress at least 3 times a day ever since seeing it… 

Paired with some strappy flat summer sandals or dressed up with heels I can see this being the perfect warm weather attire for an easy evening patio cocktail hour!!

Along with cute summer dresses, warmer weather always has me craving seafood treats, especially when they are budget friendly yet delicious like these Poor Man’s “Crab” Cakes

Which I’ll probably need to be eating in order to afford all of the clothes and jewelry that can’t seem to stop catching my eye 😉


I made these a while back and forgot about how perfect they are for a light dinner when served with a simple fresh salad…  must make again soon!

Tuna Cakes

And yes. Canned tuna people. Seriously. Tastes like a restaurant quality crabcake here. I don’t get it either… just trust me on this okay? 😉

Speaking of the sea… and patios…

I would just love to be wearing this lil’ number on a warm beach evening on a patio close to the oceanside somewhere right about now!

summer outfit

Photo credit.

Can’t get enough of solid striking colors paired with simple basics. Seriously, this is 100% my style, no fancy prints or stripes necessary!

And while we’re dreamin’ of beaches & jewelry & things here….

Ummmmm this ring. Just this ring!!!


Probably one of my favorite pieces like ever. Gahhh Love.

What is it with me & the jewelry lately? I blame Lil’ sis for getting me hooked! I mean, what else are little sisters for?? 😛

And just in case you aren’t quite ready to let go of the cooler winter temps…. here’s one last treat that just might have to happen before the cold weather departs!!

mexican hot chocolate
Photo credit 

Hot chocolate. Tequila. Spicy cayanne.

I mean. Right? Glad we’re on the same page here…

Do share, what are YOU loving lately?!??!

Hello & happy Friday from a totally normal dog owner and her pooch!!

I mean, who does this?


Whatever. Anyways.

Now that we’ve gotten THAT lil’ insight into my life outta the way…

Crazy.Dog.Lady.Much. ?

I’ve got some fun things planned this weekend that may or may not include vino at some of Virginia’s finest…

Haven’t been since this lil Bachelorette shingdig!!

Blenheim Charlottesville

But before I head out to Charlottesville to make sure the wine is safe for drinking, there are a few friday favorites that I just can’t keep to myself and must share!

Enjoy – the faves and the weekend 🙂

Zucchini Cupcakes w/ Greek Yogurt Frosting from Eat Yourself Skinny.

Greek Yogurt Frosting?!??! *swoon*

Photo credit here.

Banana Bourbon Cupcakes from How Sweet It Is

These are suitable for breakfast, no? I mean – bananas!!!

Photo credit here.

Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp from Skinny Taste

If you’ve ever been to BoneFish Grill (yes, I’m cringing, but hear me out) then you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

skinny shrimp
Photo credit here.

Cheeseburger Filo Squares w/ Copycat Big Mac Sauce from Noble Pig

I mean… just really?!?!

Photo credit here.

And perhaps top it all off with this Spiced Ginger Pear Cocktail from Tea With Me.

You had me at…. cocktail? 😉

Photo credit here.


So yea. I’ve finally done it.

Jumped on the whole Pinterest train <– “cookinfanatic” p.s. 😉

And ya know what, there’s a 100% possibiltiy that there’s no turning back from here.

I’m in love with this darn site!

So here’s a look at what I’ve been pinning lately…

Food. Drinks. Fashion. And just plain good-ness!


Apple Cider Sangria from my favorite lil’ sassy chef ever (photo cred).

Need this in my life like YESTERDAY.

Brussels sprouts with smoked bacon, mustard cream and a parmesan crust from Closet Cooking (photo cred).

Forget ketchup (my usual brussels sprouts accompaniement yea yea)…

This just sounds ridiculous.


Chanel in Tiffany blue.

So if I paint my toez this color you’re sayin’ I’ll be transported magically. Here.

Right? No? … ah well close enough? Kinda.


Italian Chicken from Our Story (photo cred).

I mean how can you go wrong with fresh tomatoes, artichockes and melted cheese… simple, easy, yummy fresh flavors.



Speaking of not going wrong. Ummmm. This dip. From Life as a Lofthouse (photo cred).

Just yes.

Cream cheese AND a Mexican flair. You know this is happening. Like tomorrow.


When it comes to jewelry I think all my friends will tell ya that I’m a pretty simple gal. As in, for me to even wear a necklace would be a big step 😉

Love the beautiful simplicity behind this initial necklace!



I mean is this not the most beautiful bag you’ve seen in your life?

Oh wait…

Yea. So that is.

I might die of this bag’s cuteness. And because I want it more than any other bag I’ve ever seen. Bag lust. I’ve caught it…!

So uhhh anyone wanna loan a girl a mere $1795….? Any takers? No?


In that case…


Wine it is.

Because we know that that is just the TRUTH 🙂

Have a most wonderful weekend friends!!!!