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Richmond Eats… from the kitchen to the streets!

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If you follow me on instagram I think you know it’s safe to say that even if I haven’t been blogging… that sure doesn’t mean that I haven’t been cookin’!!

Or eating for that matter ;)

Fresh Clams & Mussels in a White Wine Broth w/ Garlic, Tomatoes & Thai Basil

Okay okayyyyy. I can’t take the credit here.

“CookinFanatic le sous chef” doesn’t sound tooooo shabby now does it? ;)

Spicy Ginger Asian-style Chicken Thighs w/ Peppers & Rice Noodles

Not if it means eating meals like this it sure doesn’t!! :P #souschefalldaye’eryday?

Of course that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thrown together some delicious treats of my own with some summer inspired flavors as well…

Turkey Bacon & Summer Vegetable Frittata

Just can’t get enough of how pretty and fresh warm weather eats can be!!

Israeli CousCous Summer Vegetable Salad w/ Cumin Spiced Pepitas

And if y’all know me well enough by now, you know that in between all this cooking there have been just a few visits to some local dining establishments. Ones that really represent some of the best food that Richmond has to offer…

Squid Ink Pasta w/ Shrimp & Calamari. Dinamo.

This quaint but oh-so-cute restaurant is one of my favorites in the area. With a menu only a handful of items long, everything is sourced fresh and cooked to perfection. Killer service and the cutest atmosphere too. If you live in the RVA and haven’t visited yet, I feel sad for you. Do it :D

Fried Clam Sammie. Pasture.

Reminds me of all the years I spent with my Pop ordering clam strips at our favorite Newport News seafood shack. Talk about nostalgia. Plus… hey, it’s perfect for day-drinking, even the menu says so ;)

And speaking of… what would a CookinFanatic summer be without a signature favorite drink?!? This year I just happened to stumble upon this lil’ combo from the beverage gods and if you “happen” to do so too I think you’ll be quite pleased.

DRY Vanilla Bean Soda (Fresh Market). Key Lime Juice. Vodka.

Who can say no to delicious flavor and hardly any calories. Sounds like a “healthy” warm weather choice that I can support, let’s be real haha!!

Cheers :P

Blue Apron: Food Made Easy

This past week I was excited to be given the opportunity to give Blue Apron a try, thanks to a recommendation and the generosity of a friend who raves about the service!

Ingredients for 3 full recipes…

Delivered to my doorstep…

And based on my food preferences…

Now I can get with that :)

Blue Apron delivery

Delivery day and food preferences all up to me, then Blue Apron does the rest!!  

Once dropped on my doorstep, everything to make the chicken, seafood, & vegetarian dishes as selected came beautifully labeled and organized, all in the exact amounts that I would need!

Blue Apron ingredients

Now we all know that I’m not big on recipe following. Never been my style. But after what has been a few crazy work weeks and a past weekend spent out of town, my brain was more than ready for an easy work week meal plan…

Thanks Blue Apron  ;)


Instructions. Ingredients. Good to go here!


To put together this Chicken, Baby Artichoke, and Spinach Casserole with Gouda Béchamel there was just a little bit of washing and chopping…

Blue Apron Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole

Some sautéing…

Blue Apron Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole

Béchamel making…

Blue Apron Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole

And baking!

Blue Apron Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole

I wasn’t sure how much I’d rave about these recipes but I have to say that overall, after the first go-run, I was beyond pleased with how this dish turned out!!

It took some time to prep, but nothing that wasn’t manageable even after a 10 hour day at work :)

And y’all, seriously, this garlic gouda cheese sauce spiced with a touch of paprika could probably be poured over anything and make it a million times more delicious. Just sayin… it was really freakin’ good!!

I still have two dishes left to give a try and am looking forward to them both, as they are both right up my food alley…

Ginger-Soy Glazed Salmon w/ Broccoli Rabe and Soba Noodles

Blue Apron Ginger Soy Glaxed Salmon
Photo courtesy of Blue Apron

Roasted Butternut Squash w/ Stewed White Beans, Gremolata, & Brussels Sprouts

Photo courtesy of Blue Apron

Overall I have to say that I would definitely consider giving Blue Apron another go based on my experience.

For those that have limited time but still enjoy the comfort of a home cooked meal, I think this offers a great option for a great price!

Do tell, have you ever tried a food delivery service before?

3 Ingredient Spicy Sesame Beef

This is almost too silly easy to post. But since I’ve eaten it twice in the past three days and could have it again for dinner tonight, I thought it may be worthwhile to at least someone out there :P

3 Simple Ingredients.

1:  Beef. Grass-fed and hormone-free.


And TWO DOLLARS. Whoever says that eating healthfully & ethically is “too expensive”… anyways ;)

You just gotta get creative!!


Chuck shoulder steak. Which, unless cooking low and slow, needs to be marinated for at least 12 hours before a quick sear.

No one wants shoe leather served up on their dinner plate now do they? ;) 

2:  San-J Tamari Sesame dressing. I seriously can’t rave about this stuff enough. I’ve gone through mayyyyybe 2 bottles in the past week or so? Don’t judge.

3. Sambal Oelek. Sriracha’s purer cousin and probably one of my favorite things everrrrrrr. And the only time I say byebyebye to garlic.


I marinated this steak for a day the first time around. And 12 hours the next time around. Both led to steak perfection!

The steak took a mere 30 seconds on each side to cook, with just a bit of olive oil in a medium-high pan. You want that pink in the middle!! 


Seriously still don’t know why I can’t get enough of this. Maybe the simplicity of just some truly amazing flavors. Who knows – who cares – I’m gonna grab a knife and fork and enjoy (maybe for the third time this week??!!)

Hey, we don’t judge here :)