It’s been a while. A seven months kinda while. But. I’m feeling inspired again!

Since I last saw you my city girl life has found me in the Richmond countryside. Quite the change wouldn’t you say? 😉


See updated “About Me” page if you’d like!

A change that has not only been wonderful for so many reasons, but also one that has sparked a resurgence of my kitchen inspiration!  Something about those long range views and clean fresh air really makes cooking that much more enjoyable 🙂

And since it’s summer. And since I love (1) an easy recipe (2) Chobani Greek yogurt and (3) a lightened up and refreshing dish that still tastes delicious. I knew that this would be the one to share with you.

This broccoli salad came as a request. The exact request of “a crunchy broccoli salad” … lots of direction there, huh? So I decided to get some ingredients together and see if I was up for the challenge!

Chobani crunch broccoli salad

The result. All the thumbs up. All of them. This broccoli salad has the fun twist of crunchy sunflower seeds and tangy lemon, topped off with that sharp taste of cheddar that I’m not sure anyone could turn down. Except my sister. She could. But she hates cheese. A concept that after 26 years I am yet to understand…

But I digress.

This broccoli salad would be a delicious addition to any meal. Or the perfect side dish to bring a warm weather get together. Heck, it’s even great just for an after work snack, trust me on that 🙂

And the best part. It only takes 5 minutes to throw together.

So with that. Enjoy!



Chicken salad.

Not exactly known for being a “health food” in its most traditional sense…


Chicken salad made with Greek yogurt.

COCONUT Greek yogurt at that…


Game changer.


Yea. I think so. 😛

A few extra veggies.


Plus a flavorful coconut curry + sweet raisin twist…


Just might have you rethinking this chicken salad as a health food “thing” after all 😉

And watch. Couldn’t be easier.


6 ingredients here folks.


That’s it.

6 7 8



Now don’t you want a bite too? 😉


Do tell. Have you tried the coconut Chobani yet??

I must know if anyone else is as in love with it as I am!! 😀

Well, what feels like a majority of the month of July being spent oceanside at one of my favorite beaches ever, is finally coming to a close…

Ocean looked almost tropical on this day, so crazy! I mean… North Carolina?

And I’d be lyin’ if I said I’m not a little bit bummed about that 😉

However I’m so very grateful for all the blue skies, sunny days and time spent with loved ones creating fabulous memories that I know I’ll cherish forever!!



I’m still trying to figure out how we were so fortunate to have amazing not-too-hot summer temperatures and not a drop of rain during the entire week either, but hey, who am I to question things??


Only a quick offshore storm that I was just fine with staying far away in the distance!!


Pretty much the most incredible weather and water conditions that I can remember in my many years of traveling to the Outer Banks…

And for that, I am thankful 😀


But now it’s back to reality… *sigh*

Back to alarm clocks. Back to days spent indoors. Back to the normal buzz of life, sans ocean and sand-filled days. Back to “real life” or so they call it 😛

So I thought, hey, if you can’t beat ’em then why not join ’em. And have a little fun with it!

So in an effort to “balance” out what seems to be days on end of vacation, I have decided to challenge myself to come up with some frugal and waist-line friendly recipes for the rest of the month. Figured that might keep me entertained 😉

And you know what that means… I’ll be sharing them with YOU!!

Sound ok? Good.

First up, a simple lunch or dinner idea using this new Chobani flavor.


COCONUT?!?! I mean. Be still, my beating heart…

Only my favorite flavor of anything ever in all the world (this is a fact, friends). And also pretty fitting for a post-vacation treat, right?

This new recipe, which has just 6 simple ingredients, I think you guys are really going to like. Or at least I hope so, since I know I sure did 🙂

More to come… happy Sunday!