Seasons change. Life changes. And sometimes blogging changes too!

I’m back from the countryside and have been cooking up a storm in our new house (!!) back in the city (!!)

So okay, okay. I must admit. The country life wasn’t exactly for me. But I gave it my best, that counts, right? 🙂

Along with the big move, I’ve also been making some changes to our menu to incorporate more and more fresh, healthy ingredients and less and less of the processed stuff.

Like this, who wouldn’t want to dig into this…?


So it only made sense that I make a return to share all of this deliciousness with each of you.

With work and life being so hectic, and I know I’m not the only one, the blog is going to focus on helping all you meal preparers create clean, healthy foods (mosttttt of the time, right 😉 ) that don’t take hours in the kitchen.  And that taste superb.

Just like this dish. Which is an example of fresh, wholesome ingredients that is just TOO GOOD not to share.  And it’s oh-so pretty.

img_9802 img_9807 img_9822 img_9824

I mean, come one, who doesn’t think that a sweet potato crust is just the coolest thing ever??? (Okay, maybe just me…?)

Anyhow. Give this one a try. I made it up on a leisurely Sunday so we had it on hand for easy meals. And it was so simple, you could throw it together with the few hours of free time you may get on a weekend while doing laundry and all those chores (am I right or am I right 🙂 )


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