If there’s one thing that I do love about cooler weather, it’s the smell of homemade chicken stock bubbling away on a lazy Sunday morning…

Okay that and vino next to a fire pit on a cool fall evening 🙂  But I digress…

It may not be my beloved summer, but there are some cool things (see what I did there?) about Fall that I can get into as well!

Like this:


Homemade chicken soup, however you twist it, is not only delicious but also therapeutic.

And can also be so fun. Morphing into whatever soup dish your mood might be fit for.

Like this Asian inspired chicken noodle bowl. When a traditional carrot & noodle combo just won’t cut it.

With a homemade stock that just warms you to the bone. And of which the smell should be bottled into a candle for my mantle. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t buy that too? 🙂

Such a flavor punch. And oh so good.

And you know what. As much as we all love a homemade stock. Sometimes you just don’t have the time, I definitely get that!

So feel free to skip the homemade and buy some of your favorite store bought if you’d like. More time for vino and fireside chats that way, right?


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  1. I am making this and the green beans too, though not at the same time!

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