A blog post? A recipe? Say what?… Yes and yes! 🙂

This dish, which I can’t take full (or any?) credit for aside from having the ingredients on hand, was just so good that I had to share…


Hey. I may be a CookinFanatic, but I’m no Food Network chef 😛

This dish ended up lasting less than 24 hours. Yes. All the servings. Gone.


The recipe uses a list of ingredients many of which you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet. And it also comes together so easily, who needs to spend hours in the kitchen anyways, right?

And let’s just talk about the flavor. So.so.So. Good.

Sweet with a hint of spice. “Sweet heat” perhaps, as one could say? And the sauce that resulted was buttery and smooth and absolutely perfect for a crusty warm piece of bread to soak up. Trust me on this 🙂

If you need an easy weeknight meal. One that’s healthy and extremely flavorful. Then this one my friends, is for you.

And just in case I don’t see ya again for a while, how about a few snapshots of life these days before we get to the recipe details…

IMG_8333 IMG_8365 IMG_8399

At least I can still call myself a CookinFanatic, as I haven’t left the kitchen for good by any means… right? 😀

Until next time!


  1. ah! love it…love the link ;). What a delicious dish! I adore shrimp. And it tastes so darn good when paired with a tomato based sauce. Great recipe

  2. Alex loooves shrimp. I should book mark this recipe for Valentine’s Day!

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