Sometimes I’m really not sure where I get these random food ideas.

Probably a result of a typical all-over-the place thought process such as this…

“I should really cook tonight… Definitely craving a marinara meat sauce… Not sure why since it’s like 75 degrees out… Maybe if I add vegetables that will make more sense… Didn’t I just buy 87 cans of pumpkin?… Yes that’s what I’ll do… Pumpkin and meat sauce sure make sense… To no one… Oooo what if I add cinnamon to go with the pumpkin…. Yea. Now we’re talkin’… They put cinnamon in moussaka I believe… ”


Ground beef and summer squash. A bit of onion and garlic.

Some marinara. And a dash of cinnamon to sweeten the pot.


Served over… pumpkin?? Hey. Sure. Why not 😀


Loved it! Just what Fall should taste like.

Even if it was a spring-like night. Which I also love, let’s be real 🙂


Perfect kinda weekend to spend with this view. Sippin’ on vino in a tshirt, jeans and … flip flops? November. Hello. Nice to meet ya 😛

Too bad it looks like I’ll need some more hearty dishes like this though as those cold temps moved in faster today than the weekend zoomed by!

Happy Monday!


  1. SO creative! I love it. I made pumpkin marinara the other week and loved the combo of flavors

  2. I mean, you can put meat sauce over spaghetti squash… and pumpkin is a squash… so why not!?! haha! Such a creative idea!

  3. I never would have thought to serve a marinara sauce over pumpkin… But it’s like squash? And I love Italian style squash. Sounds tasty! So yeah, that’s my thought process 😛

  4. Good to find new recipe on Friday! Thank you!

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