Pumpkin craziness is officially upon us now isn’t it?!

Don’t mind the 90+ degree weekends or anything 😉

So in the spirit of all things Fall, I thought it was fitting to share one of my favorite go-to pumpkin recipes.


One that I’ve made quite a few times over the years.

It’s just too deliciously easy to resist!

All you need are a few pantry staples and a few minutes. Easy as that 🙂


Chickpeas. Pumpkin. Coconut Milk.


Onion. Tomato. Curry powder. Fresh mint. Coconut oil. (or any oil).



Onions. Beautifully coated in rich yellow curry powder & decadant coconut oil.


Fresh diced tomatoes.


Drained, rinsed chickpeas.


Canned pumpkin. Light coconut milk.


Fresh mint. Cracked black pepper.


A quick simmer. Some brown rice. And a few more sprigs of fresh mint to serve.


And Meatless Monday dinner is here. With tons of flavor to bring to the table.

Go ahead. Top it with some spicy sambal oelek or sriracha too if you so desire 😉


  1. Yayyy pumpkin! What a fun use! Now if I could only get my husband to like tomatoes…

  2. I’m kind of in love with this soup recipe 🙂 Will definitely be trying it soon!

  3. This sounds amazing! I always love chickpeas and curry, but throw in some pumpkin and you have my totally sold!

  4. Love this recipe, but forgot all about it. Will be making it next week!

  5. Great combination — I’ll try a variation on this but with garlic and ginger added (those + onion are the basis for many Indian recipes). Thanks!

  6. This looks amazing Stephanie. I love anything with coconut milk and curry. 🙂

  7. Wow, this soup sounds amazing!! I’m loving all the mixture of flavors and the pumpkin. Yum!!

  8. This sounds SO good!!!! Must make.

  9. This looks amazing! I love chickpeas and curry. I still haven’t tried cooking with coconut milk. Saving this recipe!

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