So I know y’all probably think all I’ve been doing these days is eating out, traveling to the beach, laying by the pool and living life on the go….

And ya know what? You’d pretty much be right! 😛

However, I think if anything goes to show that fresh veggies can be grown by anyone.anytime.anywhere… 

Here’s THAT proof? 😉


Aren’t these just the cutest cherry gold tomatoes?!?! That somehow I’ve managed to grow on the patio deck of my city apartment amongst all the summer fun!

A few sips of water here and there and there ya go. I’m serious people 🙂

But anyways, moving on.

Speaking of things that take minimal dedication…

This recipe for fresh Salsa Verde 2-Bean Chili comes together in a snap and does its thing all while you relax and bask in the glory of your freshly grown veggies, I mean relax and watch some Sunday tv? 😉


This stress free recipe uses an ingredient that you’ve seen here recently and one that I really am loving this summer for some reason…

Salsa verde!!

Plus a few other simple veggie-friendly (and wallet friendly) ingredients too 🙂


Green pepper. Onion. Garlic.


White kidney beans. Black beans.


Salsa verde.


Canned diced tomatoes. 


Frozen sweet corn.

And before you know it…


The sun is setting on yet another lovely weekend and you’re enjoying a most deliciously satisfying bowl of this healthy chili 😀

And perhaps some fresh tomatoes on the side…?

Can’t beat that!!


  1. Okay, I am loving this! It sounds SO delicious and super easy…a total win-win :). Plus, I am a big fan of salsa verde!

  2. I’m totally bummed- we’ve been DROWNED in rain and I don’t think my tomatoes are going to make it- tear! Enjoy your home growns for me!!

  3. So jealous of your veggie success! My patio doesn’t really get any sun so everything I put out there dies.

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