A Sunday night after a sunny & gorgeous first official (3 day!) weekend of summer just doesn’t leave a girl with much energy left for cooking…


Unless it’s a simple 4 ingredient recipe much like this one! Now that, THAT I can do 🙂


A healthy & super easy take on a Mexican “lasagna” and all you need is four ingredients + 30 minutes. It’s that easy guys! 🙂

1. Corn tortillas
2. Black beans
3. Crumbled feta
4. Salsa verde



And if we’re being honest here, I must tell you that I totally meant to add in frozen sweet corn too, however just completely forgot!

Hey, at least I tried haha 😉

So. This salsa verde… a cousin to your more traditional tomato based salsa and made with tomatillos.


Which gives it a somewhat tangy taste. Pairing perfectly with salty feta and sweet corn tortillas if you ask me (oh yea, and that sweet corn too 😉 )


And when it’s as easy as layering ingredients and popping into a warm oven for a few minutes, how can you resist?!




7 8


Just in time to get back to relaxing and enjoying what’s left of that weekend 😉



  1. Love easy dinners like this and that salsa verde from TJ’s is to die for!

  2. Looks so good! You know I love my 4/5 ingredient recipes AND Mexican dishes.

  3. I am pretty much sold by any recipe that only contains 4 ingredients! This sounds super tasty :).

  4. Perfection! I bet the leftovers are amazing!

  5. Mexican lasgagna with FETA?! You’re reading my mind, and my heart’s desires. This sounds so flipping good!

  6. I am just catching up on my blogs this week and am so excited that I didn’t miss this one. Looks like I now know what I will be making for dinner tomorrow night! Thanks for sharing. Great recipe!

  7. This looks so good! I just tried a frozen Amy’s meal when I forgot my lunch at home that looks similar and I loved, but this would be great to make and pack for lunch 🙂

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