A simple spring dish for you guys today 🙂

One full of deliciously fresh veggies and fluffy whipped eggs…


Plus an ingredient that I find super fun to use in the kitchen:  piquillo peppers!


Which are these sweet smoky lil’ Spanish roasted red peppers that I just adore!

Plus it makes me feel all fancy-like using them. Why, who knows? 😉


A final layer of whipped eggs and almond milk brings the veggies together and makes this a wonderfully light meal idea for the spring season.


Dairy-free too. In case that’s your thing. 🙂



  1. Delicious! I will have to hunt down some of those peppers…

  2. Asparagus is amazing in so many dishes! This would make a fantastic brunch or brinner

  3. Don’t think I have ever seen those peppers before….I love a good frittata!

  4. This sounds so delicious! I am LOVING all of the color, too :).

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