I may have found my new favorite 3 ingredient way to prepare the most deliciously decadant (*and healthy*) shrimp. Like ever.

Tons of coconut flavor. And made with only “the good stuff” (read: not fried?) So hello, healthy too!

I know right… dreams do come true? 😉


So you know when you go to a restaurant and order “coconut shrimp.” And have high  hopes and dreams that those delectable shrimp will actually taste nice n’ “coconut-ty“?

And then. They don’t…

Please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me???

So yea. THIS coconut shrimp. Not the case my friends. Not the case at all.

So.Much.Coconut.Flavor!!! 🙂


And if you haven’t cooked with unrefined coconut oil before, I highly suggest you scoop some up at your local grocery and give it a try! I love this stuff 🙂

Here’s a bit more info for ya.

The shrimp were such a hit with both me and the lil’ sis when served atop this hearty veggie black bean medley that they were made yet again mere days later for the ultimate taste tester (hey Mylezzz!) during his recent weekend visit to his soon-to-be new town!


And guess what. I’m pretty sure they were 110% approved 🙂

This sweet coconut shrimp tastes fantastic atop a quick mix of onion, green pepper, garlic, canned tomatoes, canned tomatoes w/ diced chilis and corn.

Giving them a lil’ Mexi-flair.

But can also be eaten alone. With a side of sayyyy whole wheat mac n’ cheese. Or whatever ya like 😉


A lil’ coconut oil and chili powder play up the sweet and spicy flavors here too.

And when served together, become the perfect combo of hearty mixed with tropical and tasty, all while being friendly on the waste line!


As I always say, who says that cooking has to be complicated to be good? I mean, it most certainly can be. But that doesn’t always have to be the case!

And I think this dish is the perfect example of that 🙂



  1. YUM YUM YUM! I can’t get enough shrimp right now. And that vegetable/bean mixture looks so good. Rotel rocks

  2. How yummy! I love coconut oil, it’s especially awesome to cook popcorn with. I love this recipe with the corn stew…brilliant!

  3. I wouldn’t have thought to cook shrimp in coconut oil! What a great idea!

  4. I loooove coconut shrimp and I am totally making this!! Such a great warm-weather meal and would be fab with a margarita 🙂

    • CookinfanaticNo Gravatar

      Oh yes, a margarita for sure, fab idea! And just in time for Cinco de Mayo? You’re welcome 😉 Enjoy!!

  5. I might not eat shrimp but the stew is right up my alley and my boyfriend loves shrimp!

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