Are you ready for a super simple, meatless recipe that incorporates both an ingredient you might know all to well around here plus one that you’ve probably never seen before?! 🙂



Chobani. An old friend.


Cottage cheese. A new one!!


No reason we can’t all be friends around here, right? 😉

I realize that the addition of cottage cheese here might sound a little weird. And honestly, I would have to agree. Especially if it’s not your favorite ingredient <– me.

But life is all about taking risks and trying new things, is it not?! So get out there, go for it, and I think you’ll find that you might really like these 🙂

They are not only super good for you, but also ridiculously easy to make. And they may even please any diner who might be always asking “where’s the meat?”…

Just sayin!

To start, a quick mix of the spinach filling. Bulked up with protein-rich Chobani and cottage cheese. Plus the jalapenos give it a little spice!


Then a light layer of your favorite enchilada sauce into a baking dish. I really like the one shown above, it has a great flavor and no any partially hydrogenated oils 🙂


Followed by a few hearty corn tortillas, which I took straight from the freezer! They freeze wonderfully for recipes such as this.


A thick spread of spinach filling.


And a layer of your favorite cheese.


Then you’re ready to repeat again. But this time with more enchilada sauce!


Another layer of tortillas. Draped in the rich peppery sauce.


Followed by the rest of the spinach filling.


And the remainder of the cheese.


Into the oven for just a little while.


Until the enchilada bake is full of hot melted cheesy goodness 🙂


Then served.


Rich in flavor, packed with healthy spinach anddddd low in calories too my friends 😉

(Around 320 calories per serving.)



  1. I must make this ASAP! I love cottage cheese, actually. I usually add it to egg bakes to beef up the protein and I really love the texture it adds.

  2. I’m making this next week! Josh hates cottage cheese, but hes eaten it when in stuffed shells. I’m hoping the same will apply here!!

  3. This looks SOO darn tasty!! Seriously, how amazingly versatile is Greek yogurt? I love it!

  4. This is immediately being pinned to my “Weeknight dinners” board because this is perrrrfect! You are a cooking genius, Stephanie!

  5. Sold, making this sunday or monday!

  6. I don’t love cottage cheese either, but I’ve used it in pasta bakes & it’s turned out great. This looks amazing and something my whole family will enjoy!! Glad I saw it on Erika’s Instagram!

  7. This looks SO GOOD! And best part is that we usually have all of the above ingredients in our house, minus the enchilada sauce but I wouldn’t mind making a pit-stop to pick some up… YUM 😀

  8. Looks great! What is considered a serving ? Thanks!

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