Weekends full of beer-tasting birthday parties sure are ones that I can get into…!!! 😉

Many different categories and lotsa judges…


Plus a few spicy saltines & some tabasco popcorn to wash it all down 🙂


I MUST get my hands on this spicy saltine recipe – amazing!

Even Lucy got to have a Saturday night party of her very own over at Fanatic Mom & Dad’s 😀


Looks like someone’s tired out from too much playtime 😉

Of course lunches with the Fam are always welcomed too!!!


Especially when it means I get to spend time with this wonderful lady 😀

And who am I to turn down shopping for some new spring threads either?!


Oh yea. And as for cooking. There was even some of that too!

How about the easiest yet most flavorful shortcut roasted chicken you’ll ever want to make?!


Ok then. Looks like we have a deal 😉

3 Ingredients y’all.  And flavor.flavor.flavor.!!!

The lemon flavor on this is just unreal.

Plus if your Fresh Market does specials like ours does (bogo!) then this recipe is just a steal.

But if you’re not in a chicken kinda mood, I’ve got something a lil’ “beefier” for you coming soon…


I mean who doesn’t like a recipe that uses fresh veggies, local beef and wine?!

Stay tuned!! 🙂


  1. Please DO get your hands on the spicy saltines recipe!! It sounds amazing! The Tabasco popcorn sounds awesome, too!

  2. Spicy saltines? Sounds awesome. Glad the party was a blast. I love those pants

  3. Beer tasting party?! Yes! Why have I never been to one of those?

  4. I’ve neverrr cooked bone-in chicken but if it’s that easy I need to give it a try! And those spicy saltines sound tasty – my high school boyfriend’s mom used to make a spicy trail mix with oyster crackers and pretzels – wish I got my hands on that 😉

    • Oh it’s so easy girl, plus more flavorful and an economic way to get high quality meat at a lower price. Give it a try, you will love 🙂 As for that spicy trail mix, it sounds deelish!!

  5. That chicken looks delicious! And I love how simple it is to make! Just a few easy ingredients… brilliant!

  6. That beer tasting looks way fun, what a good concept… needed something really fast and delish later this week. Chicken is it!

  7. That sounds like such a fun weekend!! Beer tasting + Snacks sounds pretty awesome!

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