What better than chicken noodle soup to soothe you on one of those cold wintery under-the-weather kinda nights?

Well… how about an Asian inspired chicken noodle soup with a hint of fresh ginger, tangy lime, spicy sambal and clean cilantro flavors!

Now that’ll really kick that immune system into high gear, or whatever the old wives tales tell ya 🙂


Either way, this simple throw-together meal with it’s warm comforting flavors will definitely give you a happy full belly and leave you with a yummy taste in your mouth!

Chicken broth, ginger, chicken, rice noodles & snow peas.


Fresh lime, cilantro and spicy sambal to serve.


Yields a fabulous result I tell ya!

And whether it looks like it or not, I promise it tastes oh-so-good 😀


And if you haven’t used sambal before, try it! It’s basically sriracha’s cousin, the spicy with out the hint of garlic flavor. I ADORE this stuff! Like probably way too much…. but anyways 😉



  1. That looks like a bowl of beautiful soup you’d get at a five star restaurant. Love!

  2. GREAT idea! Yayy for fun flavors

  3. This looks delicious! And definitely perfect for this weather!

  4. I love adding that spicy sauce to lots of things, but definitely to soups because I love a spicy broth. Yum!

  5. That Sambal sounds awesome. I am a big fan of Sriracha , so I can only imagine that the addition of garlic makes it absolutely fabulous! 🙂

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