One of my favorite add-ins to a quick n’ simple dinner time soup:


Yes, there’s the bacon. But we’ll get to that later…

Pasta sauce!!

All the spices and flavor already at your finger tips, what’s not to love??

And when you find a go-to pasta sauce  (Whole Foods sauces are great for the price in my opinion), it’s hard to deviate on a cold winter weeknight 🙂

This time around was a roasted vegetable sauce

Which clearly just hadddddddddddd to be balanced out with the rich and hearty flavor of…. BACON!!!

I mean, what doesn’t bacon make better?? And seriously it takes so very little to go so so far. This little bit added enough flavor to a pot of soup that was almost over flowing at the rim!

Now that’s good stuff 😀

Or if we wanna go with the new 2013’ism —> “flavor y’all”

That one’s for you Ms. Thirsty Richmond 😉


What better way to enjoy a healthy dose of veggie goodness than alongside creamy white beans, tender orecchiette pasta, zesty pasta sauce and hearty flavorful bacon all while wrapped into a warm comforting soup 🙂

Plus, when asked what’s for dinner, responding with “____ w/ bacon” always sparks some interest with that meat eating “where’s the chicken” boyfriend of yours.

I mean… right?

Of course. If you want to try this recipe idea without the bacon. I wouldn’t oblige to that either 😉



  1. I’m not a bacon girl…but I’m all about the pasta sauce! I use it in place of tomato sauce on the regular. So yummy. Soup is an awesome dinner and lunch

  2. I have probably eaten as much chicken since meeting Tom as I had in my entire life previously. He never tires of it! Perhaps I’ll throw this recipe into the mix and see if he is deterred 🙂

  3. I loveee soup, especially in the colder months, but hardly ever make homemade batches [thankful for Mr. TJ and Mr. Campbell]… I definitely think I could get my hubby to eat more soup with me with the addition of bacon 😉 And I love adding a spoonful of salsa or tomato sauce on top of my salads- like you said, they’re already loaded with flavor and spices, it’s an easy addition!

  4. Hahaha you crack me up. I think every guy in America just fell in love with you 😉

  5. I would like to try making this soup without the bacon….but only because I am a vegetarian! 😉 Or, maybe I could make it with veggie “bacon!”

  6. I’m a total bacon girl~

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