Winter weekends.

So it’s 60 degrees out — who needs snow & cold weather to get in the holiday spirit anyways?! (not this girl 😉 )

No better way to cool down, or warm up, with a new favorite combo… 

Ginger ale. Apple juice (or apple cider). Bourbon (if ya like – and I like! clearly 🙂 )

Who needs cold weather & snow to enjoy amazing dinners out…?! 

If you live in Richmond and haven’t been into Aziza’s recently you really really should. Although not online yet, their new menu impressed SO much. This was one of not only the best, but also one of the most creative meals I’ve had in a while!


  • Raw scallop w/ persimmon, orange zest, olive oil & vanilla.
  • Squid ink pasta w/ mussels, sea urchin, cauliflower & citrus.
  • Mixed greens with roasted beets and blue cheese.

My mind was just blown with this scallop dish!! And I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I’ve been thinking about it ever since, so unique & delicious!

Oh yea. And the unpictured flank steak w/ pumpkin + black bean chorizo soup also had me at hello. What – you don’t feast like this too? 😉 #notnormal

And who needs winter weather as an excuse to dine in when you have dinners with friends & boys who can get most a delicious meal on the table…?


Pineapple terryaki grilled chicken. Carbs + veg. Red wiiiiiiiiine 😛

I’d say they did a pretty darn good job!!!

And who needs to bundle up with a scarf and jacket to enjoy a perfectly warm cup of coffee and a most delicious brunch….


E.A.T. Oregon Hill. A restaurant that I adored when I went for dinner just a few short weeks ago and one that didn’t fall short for an earlier in the day event either!

Caribbean breaded chicken & sweet potato waffles w/ chipotle syrup & allspice whipped cream.

And yes. It was AS GOOD as it sounds 😉

Speaking of…

Remember this one?! Oh yea. I sure didn’t forget it! Just had to have the spicy sweet combo in my life yet again, and oh was it good 🙂

Voodoo shrimp. Shrimp, allspice, Cruzan rum, chorizo, habanero, banana, toscan soft round bread, soft fried egg.

Plus a bloody mary and maybe some Hardywood gingerbread stout to wash it all down! #liquidgold

And I think I’ll rest my case with a “who needs cold weather & snow when you can enjoy mild days outdoors tasting local wines”…. 😉


James River Cellars. How have I never been here before? Definitely just had to have 3 bottles of the Real Santa Red to take home too, clearly.

Cheers to another fantastic weekend. Winter weather or not!!! 🙂

What delicious meals or fun activities kept you warm and entertained this early December weekend?!

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  1. Ahhhh you are so cute!!! love love love.

    And that drink recipe sounds delish. I love anything involving apples 😉

  2. What a fun weekend! Lots of good celebrating and delicious food. I’d be all about some Pineapple terryaki grilled chicken!! Yum!

  3. I have only had pizza at Aziza’s, clearly I need to go back for some other deliciousness!

  4. GingerAle+apple juice is such a good idea! Sounds like a fun weekend!:)

  5. So true, the warm weather doesn’t keep me from getting into the holiday spirit one bit! 🙂 Looks like things are fun for you right now, friend! 🙂

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  7. You already know this, but I really like your style. Feasting is the best thing ever!

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