Guess I must have died and went to eat there or something?!

Considering the majority of the CookinFanatic recipes this week seem to take the form of this comforting one-bowl meal!!

Hello tomato soup lovahhhhhhh

But back to the soup at hand.

Hominy is such a forgotten & underrated ingredient in this kitchen. It offers such a fantastic flavor and just the smell alone puts me in Mexico stepping off a cruise ship and onto the gorgeous tropical beach…

Diced green chilis spice this stew up and the melt-in-your-mouth sweet potatoes mellow it out.

Plain Chobani and a bit of half & half make it creamy and luscious while also friendly on the waistline.

Rich, hearty and satisfying. And vegetarian is you switch that chicken broth out for a meat-free option 🙂

Sweet Potato, White Bean & Hominy Stew

Onion. Garlic. Olive oil. Salt. Pepper.

A familiar tune.

White beans. Hominy. Chicken broth.


Diced green chilis.

Sweet potatoes.


Chobani. Half & half.

Simmer. Stir.




Hot sauce!

The flavor on this soup was just spot on, a mix of sweet & spicy and the consistency just luscious & thick making it a hearty meal option.

The one thing to note is that the Greek yogurt may break down a bit when added to the heat, but don’t let that deter you, it still tastes delicious!

Speaking of delicious… or whatever. I can hardly wait for this long holiday weekend & all the fun things planned 🙂

We’ll be checking out the Taste the Local Beer/Food Festival, heading over to Hardywood Park Brewery for a birthday party, a best friend coming to town, a good friend’s baby girl’s first bday, apple cider sampling for Virginia cider week and the such. It’s gonna be some fun!!!

Hope your weekend is as well and see ya soon 😀

Have you ever tried hominy? Do you like it? Any recipe ideas for me?!


  1. AWESOME, Steph! Now that the temperature has dropped, we can’t stop ogling soup recipes…this one included. 🙂 Happy Friday!


  2. I do like hominy! I’ve mostly used it in chili, but would like to branch out! THe soup looks so good! Chobani does get a little funny when heated (looks wise) but still tastes awesome!

  3. I legit have no idea what hominy is. Is it a vegetable?

  4. First, I am SO thankful and looking forward to this 3-day weekend, ahhh yes!!! Second, you’ve been a soup master the past week and it’s fabulous- I could eat soup all year, but especially crave it in the cooler months 🙂 I have nooo clue what hominy is but I’m intrigued… Is it a green?!

  5. The weather over the weekend was SO perfect. Like why can’t it stay like that forever?! Also, the VMFA happy hour is one of my favorite things ever. Cheap wine, great atmosphere, all at a walkable distance? Yes please.

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