What makes for a few ingredient super simple cold weekend weather dinner?

Why sloppy joes of course!

Pretty sure I’ve been craving / talking about incessantly / mentioning / wanting sloppy joes for a few good weeks now… ya know, normal.

So when I picked up some of this Wolf Creek Farm grass-fed ground beef in last week’s Relay Foods order I just knew it was happenin’ 🙂

By the way, this was my first time using Relay Foods and I must say I am absolutely hooked! They were running a great special, which always lures me in, but I know that I’ll definitely be ordering from this service again very soon!

So after throwin some worcestershire sauce into my order and some other key ingredients, I called it a dinner day 🙂

Watch how easy:

Onion, green pepper, garlic.

Ground beef.

Salt & pepper.

Tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce.


Simmered for a few minutes or an hour, ya know, depending on how late you are eating dinner ehhhh hmmmm! 😉

And then not even pictured on camera in final.

But imagine these served up in a heaping pile atop a fresh white hamburger roll. Or whatever bread you like!

Even top with cheese and more hot sauce if that’s your thing 🙂

Some simply spiced sweet potato fries made the perfect accompaniement to this dinner too…


Olive oil, paprika, chili powder, oregano, sea salt and black pepper.

Oven time and voila, done!

Loved these sweet tater fries 😀

Well. A few more recipes in the works for y’all this week….

Apparently I’m on a real soup kick or something these days!? 😉


 But with temps gettin’ colder I just can’t help myself!!! 😀


  1. YUM! I love the leftover sloppy meat too- so many uses! I can’t wait for the grilled cheese and soup recipe- mmmmmm

  2. I love sloppy joes! Have you ever added brown sugar to them? I die.

    • Omg no I have NOT but whyyyyy I haven’t is a question I just can’t answer, will definitely be giving this a try sometime!!

  3. Those look delic! I will always think of the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies when I eat sloppy joes because they had some scene with them in it and I was obsessed with them as child 😛 Random? Haha!

  4. So simple and yet so delicious!

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