Well the holiday season is officially upon us… how did that happen so fast?!

But not before we revisit a new Lane family Thanksgiving dinner favorite. 

If only we could revisit this at the same time too.. 😉

A recipe that was made for this year’s turkey day dinner. And then requested to be made again the very next night!

I mean, who am I to turn down giving the fam what they like… especially if that includes baaaaaaaacon 😉

Right? 😀

Bacon and onion.

Brown sugar too.

Fresh brussels sprouts.

Into the bacon pan.


Until browned.

Then all together now.


With some sweet maple syrup.

And yea. Just as tasty as they sound. And hopefully as they look!

Crowd pleaser. Brussels sprouts. Who knew?

From our family to yours, hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!


  1. Looks delicious! I haven’t had nearly enough brussels this year…

  2. Such a cute family! Adore brussels in any form!!

  3. Yes, please! Brussels with bacon sounds amazing as a duo…adding the syrup blows my mind!

  4. All of my favorite foods (#1 being bacon..duh!). Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!!

  5. I really need to find a vegetarian substitute for bacon haha 😉

    Also I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to say hi at Hardywood last weekend!!! We will have to catch up soon!

  6. You can not go wrong with brussels + bacon!!

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