Short work week. Beach time. Family fun. Fabulous food & drinks.

I think we can all agree that this week is gonna be a great week!!

And hopefully as great as this Green Chile Pork & Chickpea Stew that came outta the Cookinfanatic kitchen yesterday too… 😉

But we shall see!

I spotted these boneless pork loin country style ribs at Whole Foods recently and remembered how good they were last time I kitchen-adventured with them <– that needs to happen again asap. Apples, beer, sauerkraut, I mean what’s not to like here lol.


The boneless ribs require a bit more cooking time to get fall apart tender, but it’s SO worth it. Trust me.

Plus it’s the perfect cooking adventure while you do your weekend “chores” around the house on a cold Sunday afternoon, right 😀

A few other Mexican inspired ingredients into the mix and a hearty tangy flavorful stew was born!

Perfect Sunday dinner to share with my favorite sister in the whole world 😉 Who also, p.s., gave this stew major thumbs up and stated that she had never had anything like it but loved it! #win

First the boneless pork ribs went into a stainless steel pot to brown on the outside.

After about 5 minutes on each side they were removed from the pot and chopped along slice marks into large chunks.

Also let’s just take a look at all that delicious that the pork ribs left behind…


Givin’ those onions & garlic some major flavor power!!

Once the veggies soften, the pork is added back to the pot.


And covered with chicken broth,

salsa verde,


 and diced green chiles.

If you’ve never tried salsa verde you are missin’ outtttt! This salsa is made from tomatillos and is tangy & wonderful.

Another idea: Salsa Verde Orzo Salad 🙂

But back to the pork…. So after about two hours, yes two hours, with a few stirs here and there this pork is fall-apart-tender.


Just shreds apart with the back of a fork. I mean seriously y’all.

The cooking liquid can be poured into a fat separator to remove any of the excess that has come off the meat and make the soup broth a bit lighter at this point.

Then added back to the pot with the shredded meat, chickpeas and a bit of water…

Covered & simmered for another 30 minutes to an hour until you are in stew-eatin’ business!!

Now. Very important instructions for serving. Listen up! 🙂


You MUST give this a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The tang just brightens up the flavors and is such an awesome contrast to the hearty pork & beans!

And the fresh cilantro might also be non-negotiable – at least in this house 😉

Can’t get enough of the freshness that it adds!

A bit of hot sauce never hurts either…but like that’s a big surpise over here and all haha.

Lil’ Sis and I agreed that this stew, while having Mexican flavors, also kinda reminded us of an Pho or other Asian inspired dish such as that.

The pork was just fall apart tender, almost barbecue like, and the chickpeas added a layer of creaminess to the dish. The broth, especially when livened up with the lime and cilantro, was just drinkably delicious too!

So there you have it. Pork stew. The perfect way to end a wonderful weekend. I’d say so 🙂


  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I think you should open a Mexican restaurant…I will come and eat there- I promise!

  2. Looks fabulous, as usual. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as boneless pork ribs, but I will have to find some ASAP!

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