Fall in The Fan…

Just in love.

Not sure the suburbs will ever again be for me 😉

Walks to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for half price bottles of wine…

With two of my favorite blondies!

I mean how can you say no to 2 bottles of $12 wine?? 😉


Speaking of never saying no. This VooDoo shrimp dish below from EAT Oregon Hill may be the showstopper of the fall season for me.

I would never say no to eating this. Ever. Even if I had to every day lol.

Wild caught shrimp, allspice, Cruzan rum, chorizo, habanero, banana, toscano bread, soft fried egg.

Unreal. So many flavors. So many foods. So much awesome.

Adored this restaurant too, so cozy & fun & in an area of town just miles from me that I have not paid enough attention!

Speaking of attention…

This apple butter barbecue sauce grabbed my attention & had me at hello.

I think this instagram comment put it best: “the two most amazing condiments just had a love child!”  <– fair.enough.

On some local boneless skinless chicken breasts for 30 minutes until cooked and then shredded & left to heat for another hour or two. With lotsa black pepper.


Having days off really make for easier cooking adventures 😀

There’s enough time to make sweet tender bbq chicken, to roast sweet potatoes and garden fresh beets all while doing things around the house…

Love it.

Sliced & place atop a fall-themed salad of roasted beets, pears, dried cranberries, feta & balsamic/olive oil for an easy dinner side.

Fresh roasted beets are just so incredible too. Sweet tender & delicious.

That salad. That chicken. Oh just so good!!

Speaking of good…  (or great)

Can we just talk about THIS!??!?!

Okay good. Because I planned on it 😉

Just an open of the bottle top alone transports you to scents of a Sunday morning kitchen full of fresh pancakes.  And a taste offers a slightly sweet syrup flavor with a the bite that whisky normally brings. <3

So many ideas for this Maple Whisky. Like dumping it on bacon. Or pancakes. Or putting bacon into the whiskey. I mean, whatever works …. 😉

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend too!!


  1. I’m with you, down with the suburbs! So many people hate on city life, and true it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s the BEST! And it has been absolutely gorgeous lately, I can hardly take it!

  2. That sauce sounds AMAZING! Glad you’re having a nice extended weekend!

  3. SO pretty! I need to get back down to RVA sometime soon, it’s been too long… And that BBQ sauce, YUM-O! My hubby would be all over that [and the whisky] 😉

    • Thanks!! If you get back down here soon definitely let me know, would love to meet up for coffee or a drink!!

  4. Oh. Em. Gee. Where did you find that Crown Royal?! MUST TRY ASAP!!! Have you ever had American Honey? It’s liquid gold, but this Crown Royal may top it. I have got to get my hands on some!

    • A friend of mine had it this past weekend and let us try it but I haven’t seen it in stores yet?! It was SO good, I can’t wait to get some and will definitely be looking for it before the Thanksgiving holiday festivities! I have had American Honey, I love it just served on the rocks. Think you are right about the Maple Crown Royal though 😉

  5. Got a recipe for ya! Shake it up and have it with a side of bacon!
    Pancake Martini: Crown Royal Maple, Butterscotch Liqueur & a splash of OJ, so good!

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