One thing I DO like about colder weather. Which if you know me well enough, is one of very few things!

I’ll take summer back please? 😉

The easiest ever way to use up random odds and ends in the kitchen with a delicious meal as the end result.

Take this Vegetarian White Bean Lasagna Soup.

A take on a few soup ideas I’ve seen over the past few days. And one that was perfect to use up the randoms chillin’ in the fridge/freezer.

Lasagna noodles, leftover from this fresh tomato lasagna with olive tapenade, take the place of a more classic ‘soup pasta’ and add a fun twist.

Who ever uses all the cooked lasagna noodles anyways? I’m not pyschic people! I just throw the cooked noodles into the freezer to keep them until ready to use.

I also do this with half used onions. And half used jars of tomato sauce. Just your every day frugal gourmet over here. Or just living like I may never go to the grocery store again. Haha. Clearly normal 😛

I also happened to have some fresh Parmesan cheese on hand from the lil’ bacon brussels sprouts cooking adventure.

And I thought, why not add the rind to the soup base to really kick it up?!  Ummmm best idea everrrrr… HELLO flavor.

A few spices and a can of Great Northern beans later and we were in business.


This recipe is an approximation, so please forgive me for not providing exacts.

In typical Steph fashion, I just started throwing things into the soup pot as I pleased. With a vague idea of what said things were exactly…

Disclaimer: no wine consumption was to blame for this. Maybe. 😉

So friends, you may have to just adjust a bit as you go along.

Or, as is the beauty with soup, just use what you want and more than likely it’ll turn out deelish!


And do its soup duty by keeping you warm & toasty on that cool fall night 🙂



  1. Agreed, bring back summer!!! This does look fabulous though, almost enough to make winter worth it 🙂

  2. I agree! And tomato based soups are my favorite. However….lets just eat soup and have it be summer all year long ;).

  3. Yum! I totally wanna dunk a chunk of doughy bread into that!

  4. This looks so incredibly good. Seriously! So delicious!

  5. Lasagna? Soup? Together? YES! And it’s vegetarian!!! YAY! 🙂

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