Without sights like this some days I’m not sure if fall is truly here…

With the weather going from crisp and cool to warm and summer-like  in what seems like a matter of moments!

But honestly. That is a-okay with me…

Especially considering I prefer my weather on the warmer side as we all know 😉

Warmer weather makes for fabulous fresh dinners of Mexican tacos at my favorite Richmond taco spot dreaming of margaritas by the tropical oceanside…

Chipotle chicken taco, pork & pineapple taco, fresh guac & my love: nopales (cactus!) 🙂

Warm weather also makes for simple light seafood dinners, like this simple shrimp scampi.

Which features fresh, warm weather ingredients like parsley, lemon and white wine.
Such an easy recipe and just so good!
Served over linguine with my favorite roasted garlic broccoli (just.do.it.) and Parmesan basil baked tomatoes.
So fresh. So good.
And when the weather turns a bit cooler, there’s always Sake bombs and hibachi to keep ya warm!
Kobe Steak & Sushi.
Plus bleu cheese burgers with okra fries really do the trick too!
Dear okra fries (recipe here). It’s been way too long. Sincerely, Steph 🙂
Hope you’ve been enjoying this Fall weather too!


  1. That looks so good! And the tomato on the side has my tummy! nom nom nom! I wayyy prefer warm weather to cold!

  2. Shrimp isn’t my thing, but those okra fries need to happen in my kitchen soon!

  3. That shrimp looks delicious! I love simple recipes like that! 🙂

  4. I love shrimp scampi~~ and sake bombs never hurt!!

  5. Today feels like a fresh spring day, where did fall go?! Those tacos look devine, I’d like one right now 😛 And the shrimps look tasty, great quick weeknight meal!

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