Dear Chobani,

Thank you for making a favorite dip of mine a healthy dinnertime option.

Sincerely, Steph.

What? Don’t tell me you’ve never eaten dip for dinner before either 😉

(no one likes a fibber! haha)

This dip uses protein packed plain nonfat Chobani, vitamin rich frozen spinach, flavorful short-cut spinach dip mix and spicy red pepper flakes for a kick…

Making it more than dinner appropriate as far as I’m concerned! 🙂

And tastes great when served with crispy sweet carrot sticks or crunchy salty chips. 

For a snack. For dinner. For whenever.

Ya know 🙂

And speaking of whenever…

I’d probably eat these pimento cheese fritters with Ritz cracker hollandaise sauce.whenever.wherever.younameit.imthere.


I’m sorry. But did I just enter food heaven…

Answer: yes.

Because you should have seen the tasting menu that was devoured after said fritters. Just a slight oh.em.gee. I mean, ya know.

Shout out to Chef Aaron at 2113, so incredibly talented!!!  I think this review captures things pretty.darn.well. <blister dates! amazinggggg>

I mean. You gotta balance out all that healthy spinach dip somehow, right? 😉


  1. What a great and easy idea. Chobs to the rescue

  2. I love dip for dinner! And it’s usually nowhere near that healthy 😉

  3. What a good idea!!! I’ve made “ranch” before by mixing a ranch packet with Chobani but this is much more creative!

  4. Whhhhat! A healthy spinach dip?! Yes PLEASE! This would be amazing with pita!

    I went for a run with Brittany today and I was like “I haven’t seen Stephanie in FOREVER!” I demand we fix that.

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