Feels good to be back…

New kitchen. New recipes.

Like this Cheesy Spinach n’ Egg Strata, inspired by this recipe spotted on Pinterest.

In reviewing blog posts from years past I realized that I used to make egg stratas all.the.freaking.time…. “Strata Take 1000” anyone? haha

Not sure when I stopped all that but glad to be back in the game!

This one turned out tasting buttery, cheesy and delicious. And snuck in some great veggie power with the spinach 😉

Plus a great way to use up leftover bread too! Which, ps, I throw into the freezer until ready to use for dishes like this.

See recipe below.

Being back in the kitchen also means sometimes a home cooked meal … but not technically a “recipe.”

Like these crab and salmon roll ups from The Fresh Market.

Surf n’ Turf anyone?

Which might be one of my new favorite pre-made options ever.

BAsically a crab cake stuffed into a thin layer of fresh salmon. Yea.

30 minutes in the oven and voila, dunzo! Effortless but so fancygurl! 😛

Served with a favorite way of mine to enjoy fall kale. Paired with sweet apples & tangy onions…

I got this idea from a farmer at the market years ago and have never looked back. Make it all.the.time. just love the play on sweet and savory with hearty kale 🙂

See recipe here.

I need to make those crockpot spicy chipotle meatballs again on a side note!

And what completes an at-home meal (or any meal at that) other than my favorite cupcakes ever.

The ‘nana cream. Just do it RVA friends. You’re welcome.

Of course there’s been a lil’ eating out too 😉

Because, well, gotta let that kitchen rest sometime or other right?!

Bellytimber Jalapeno Poppers w/ mango sour cream.

So.so.spicy. Spiciest poppers I’ve had. And I loved every.single.bite.!

Bellytimber Kale Salad w/ red onion, toasted almond, avocado & apple cider lemon vinaigrette and blackened shrimp.

Which I WILL be recreating at home.

Kale salad, perhaps my new food best friend lol?!

And speaking of …


Best friendzzzz? lol

I mean. Just really. Look at this dog’s right paw. I can’t even! *so cute*

So, what have you been cooking lately?!?!


  1. Girl, you have had some fabulous eats lately!

  2. oh nom nom nom. I want the board of cheese, the shrimp from that salad and the nana cupcake!

  3. I’ve been meaning to make a quiche but adding some bread [aka carb lover] sounds even better!

    • I love adding bread like this, adds such a fun texture and soaks up all the yummy flavors, definitely give it a try!! 🙂

  4. Constant food porn from you! I love it. I made a potato-y egg bake this week. Loved it!

  5. Your pics are always so tasty!! love this hearty brunch dish!!

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