THIS. Lasagna. Y’ALL…


Let me just talk about this one for a minute. That ok with everyone?

K good 😀


So yea. Sweet juicy baked tomatoes, tangy salty kalamata olive spread, creamy mozzarella cheese all topped with buttery bread crumbs and baked until hot n’ delicious…


And yes. I said buttery bread crumbs.

Which atop lasagna is insanely good. Who knew?


But wait… where’s the sauce? Yea.


Thanks to this kalamata olive spread (tapenade).

The rich butter flavors of this dish along with the punch of the kalamata olives do more than enough to excite those tastebuds. 

Add in caramalized onions and sweet tomatoes and you can just kiss that “so-called-needed-sauce” goodbye! 😉

I thought this would be good. But really didn’t know that it’d be that.good.!

Definitely a dish to make for company. Something that most probably haven’t ever tried but let me tell ya, would probably want to try again!!

I’ve already had it for 3 meals in a row. And still haven’t tired of it – which you know for CookinFanatic – definitely says something.

So venture outta that saucy ground beef lasagna rut and give this meat-free option a whirl…

Trust me, even your biggest meat-eater won’t miss a thang 😉


  1. Such a creative combination. I love the idea of the bread crumbs on top!

  2. I just love that there are whole slices of tomato in there! Looks fantastic

  3. Never would have put these ingredients together but girlll you make them look so tasty!!!

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