A slightly creamy & luscious take on a classic chicken soft taco…

Did someone say cream cheese?!?! 😛

Not to mention a great way to really stretch that meal budget if you find yourself eating & drinking out way too often otherwise (what?) 😉 and also sneak in some veggie goodness for those that, well, don’t appreciate vegetables quite so much!

Total meal cost w/ antibiotic/hormone free chicken + tortillas = about $10

So yea. Lately I’ve had a mild obsession with this Ro*tel stuff…

Tomatoes PLUS green chilis. I mean seriously people. 

Couple that with my love for spicy & Mexican and I think you know where this is goin’ from here!!

This recipe couldn’t be easier. And only needs 5 ingredients plus a few spices & tortillas /hot sauce for serving.

A lazy meal for a lazy Sunday. Ya know how I roll 😉

I used my Nanny’s age old electric cooker, which is kinda like a hybrid between the stovetop and a crockpot. It may be 25+ years old but I swear by tender chicken every.single.time. with this bad boy!

Watch how simply this comes together.

1. Ro*tel diced tomatoes with green chilis (drained).

2. Black beans, drained & rinsed.


3. Chicken breast. Cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper.

Close the lid and let cook 20-30 minutes until done.

4. Using two forks, shred chicken into whatever size pieces you prefer.

5. Throw in frozen corn & let warm through.

6. Finally stir in cream cheese until creamy & incorporated.


And voila!


Just pile into some warmed corn tortillas or even serve dip-style with some hearty tortilla chips if you’d like.

And don’t forget the hot sauce for an extra kick, I mean, if you like that sorta thing 😛

And since I realize that not all of you have Nanny’s 1970’s kinda-slow-cooker-thing at home, this can totally be done stove top or even in your conventional crock pot with no problem at all 🙂

Easy peasy & totally yum!

Oh yea… and then I bought this?


Think I’ve been goin’ to Tio Pablo just a bit too much… no? 😉


  1. Perfect! Rotel is fantastic. I love using it in various dips. Nothing like slow cooked chicken. Nom

  2. Oh man, rotel is good stuff!

  3. You are just the cook who reads my mind the most. Everything you make makes me drool. Seriously.

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