Well. so. about the fact that cactus made its way into my kitchen…

Yep. Never a dull moment 😉

So yea. That happened.

Think I’ve been dining at Tio Pablo a bit too much or else they have mesmerized me with their nopales like no other.

Either way. I’m totally hooked. 

Since fresh cactus (nopal) isn’t too readily available in the RVA (?) I ended up instead finding these nopalitos at the local Kroger. Just sitting on the shelf waiting to be used!

And believe it or not there weren’t that many jars of these left either, suppose I’m not the onlyyyyy one who’s been to Tio Pablo lately 😉


So nopalitos are a slightly tart dish made with nopales and sold mostly bottled or canned. Personally I’d say that these are like a cross between asparagus and green beans, with a  slight tangy pickly flavor and tender yet not mushy texture.


So I decided to turn these nopalitos into an savory egg dish, since ya know, I had some EGGZ that needed to be used (that’s for you lil’ sis 😛 )…

A simple saute with some chopped onion and the nopalitos.

Some local farm fresh eggs

A bit of local jalapeno white cheddar.

And the new Ro*tel obsession. Clearly.

All mixed up.

Whattttt? The sweet n’ spicy tomato flavor was the perfect offset to the tangy nopalitos… I HAD to do it! haha

Then layered one by one into a greased baking dish.

Nopalitos & onion. 

Of course some corn tortillas thrown into the mix too.


Eggz n cheeze.

And all ready for baking.


Few minutes in the oven.

A quick slice.

Some hot sauce to serve, per the norm 😉


And there you have it.


On the dinner table.

How’s THAT for awesome? 😉

And for the record. I really really enjoyed this quick easy weeknight casserole. It had such a fun flavor and the texture was perfect, plus a healthy light meal at that too! Something I would totally make again 🙂

So. How many of you would give nopalitos a try?!?!


  1. Looks FANTASTIC! The way you describe the flavor makes me SO want to try them

  2. I have to make this!

  3. Wha?? Catcus! To eat! I’m impressed with your creativity!

  4. Ohhhh my gosh!!! This is GENIUS!!!!! Clearly, neither of us can get Tio Pablo off of our minds 😉

  5. I have never even heard of nopalitos! LOL! But now I kind of want to try them. 🙂

    • Definitely give them a try if you get a chance! I was skeptical too but now am just lovin ’em 🙂

  6. Made this for dinner last night–a HIT! Daughter was skeptical, but after she saw me chowing down, she tried it and loved it–will definitely make again (since I still have half a jar of the nopalitos left). And it might be my oven, but I had to cook it almost 40 mins to get it to brown (and be sure the eggs were done.)

    • So so glad you gave it a try and enjoyed it as much as I did! I was definitely more than pleased with the outcome for how few ingredients it needed and think I’ll be making again soon too as I also have nopalitos leftover 🙂 good note on the cook time, my oven at my new place is gas and seems to cook things super fast i’m noticing! Cheers!

  7. we love nopales~ a hearty dish, yum!

  8. Oh my gosh YUM!!! 🙂 Tio Pablo has officially made their way into your kitchen haha

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