Am I the only one who’s intrigued by the international aisle(s) at the grocery store… all the fabulous sauces and ?pickled vegetables? seriously catch my eye every.single.time. 

Of course, I know sauces and the such taste much better when made from scratch 🙂

But hey now, in the real world with jobs/schedules/etc, go-to’s like these make for some tasty stand-ins!

For some reason this time around I just had to have those pickled jalapenos

Who puts ice in their wine?  <— say whaaaa. Not me? haha

And after picking up some fresh zucchini & summer squash at the farmers market on the way home from the Outer Banks, knew that this Las Palmas enchilada sauce would make an accompaniment to a most delicious veggie lasagna of sorts – Mexi style!

Also didn’t hurt that I had some leftover corn tortillas stashed away in the freezer that needed using.

Freeze these suckers & they work perfectly weeks later in dishes such as this 😉

A great prep ahead meal to throw together and have shoved away in the fridge for meals over the next day or two too. Always a good thing!

Assortment of veggies. Black beans.


A simple saute.

Love all the natural light in the new kitchen! Something that even with skylights I didn’t seem to have enough of at the old house 🙂

Bit of sauce. Leftover corn tortillas.

Layerin’ action.


Pickled jalapenos!

And of course. CHEESE. Oh yes. Melty gooey cheese 🙂


Then. Again!

A quick bake in the oven.


A few minutes to cool.

And there you have it.

Now how about a slice of that for dinner 😉



  1. Looks so good! Loving the corn tortillas layered in there- nom nom nom

  2. looks so good! i have a ton of zucchini and squash to use up. also: ice in my wine at home alllll the time.

  3. Hey, you gotta get that wine cold somehow and if there’s not adequate time for chilling – what’s a girl to do?! This looks fabulous, as always!

  4. YUM! I love Mexican flavors….espeically pickled jalapenos!

  5. I love this. Anything Mexican with cheese is a guaranteed winner!

  6. great tip with the frozen tortillas… love it!!

  7. Ohhhh my gosh, pickled vegetables scare me. BUT you can totally whip up this lasagna for me anytime your heart desires. ANY.TIME.

    When are we going to tio pablo?!?!

    • Girl you would love those jalapeños – they are so legit! Maybe you’ll have to try some at TioPablo next week 😉 we were thinking Wednesday / little later dinner prob? That work for u?

  8. Great use of all those summer zucchinis!

  9. Hells to the yes I put ice in my wine!!!!

    Also, I have some pickled jalepenos in my pantry that I’ve been craving lately and now that I read this post I’m craving them EVEN MORE! Totally using them tonight…totally.

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