Ahhhh beach life… 🙂


Full of crab cake sandwiches wrapped in foil paper served at an old school drive-up style stand on the ocean side road…

Complete with your choice of shakes, malts and scoops of ice cream of course.

So clearly… yours truly washed things down with a rich, creamy mint chocolate chip cone 😀

Hey. As I always say haha. “When in Rome?”

Ice cream on vacation is always served with a side of rainbows too, right?

Rainbow rings around the sun. Something I had never seen before!

And perhaps a water spout just for kicks???


Still can’t believe that happened just miles down the road while I was casually laying in my beach chair. Really????

Lil’ sis was on her way down to the beach and gave me a call to inform me there was a tornado warning in the area. I thought she was kidding. Nope.

It was sunny & fine where I was so I didn’t see it with my own eyes. But it was SO so close!

Beach weeks also require some late afternoon shopping now don’t they? Especially when it’s at a store with some of the cutest finds ever right on the sound front…


Hello new earrings. <3

And of course no beach day would be complete with a fresh local seafood dinner!!

Home cooked at that 🙂


This 5 ingredient pesto orzo salad is something that I made during last year’s beach excursion and one that has been requested ever since, over and over again.

And let me tell ya folks, this has some great flavors for as easy as it comes together. Plus is the perfect side to make-ahead one morning and have to munch on all week on vacation!

1. Orzo 2. Onion 3. White beans 4. Pesto 5. Frozen peas.

Salt/pepper/red pepper flakes.

That’s it 🙂  I just love using orzo for a change up in pasta, it’s such a fun shape and the pesto really sticks to each and every small lil’ piece!

Local shrimp. Simply boiled & served with a sprinkling of local spice blend & a squeeze of lemon.



And some roasted garlic broccoli to round out the meal.

Such a good dinner. Such a stunning view. Ahhh beach dayz. Can’t you just last forever??? 🙂


  1. Pesto on anything makes me happy. This looks fab!

  2. I didn’t hear anything about tornadoes on the East Coast. Crazy! I’m glad everyone was safe!

  3. How crazy has the weather been? I literally went for a run today with Kay, walked in the door…15 minutes later its monsooning! Glad you’re enjoying your trip- I want your ice cream

  4. Were you that close to the tornado? That picture is insane!!!

    • It was only a few miles away but I didnt end up seeing it, so crazy that it was that close and no one on beach including me even had a clue!!

  5. Glad you are safe! Crazy weather lately!

    Also, that orzo salad looks delish!

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