Well well well.

Look who broke in the kitchen at their new place already!

Yea yea yea… ’bout time I got back in the kitchen, right 😉

Now don’t get scared here. 

Those ARE peaches that you see atop this here turkey burger.

But just think:

Ketchup is sweet. Peaches are sweet. Peaches cooked with a zing of cinnamon & squeeze of fresh lemon are both super sweet & full of flavor.

You see where I’m goin’ here…?

Okay fine then. Just trust me. It works! 🙂

I saw this idea somewhere on the internets. And did the usual – made it my own!

Ground turkey. From Ellwood Thompsons, a local organic food market very close to my new place (*squeal!*).

P.S. This local turkey had a deep “turkey flavor” which I loved!! I think it was due to a mix-in of both white and dark meat which tastes nothing like your “regular” grocery store find. I’d highly recommend trying to find some too 🙂

Bit of finely chopped onion, fresh parsley, spicy brown mustard and some (unseen) soy sauce. Salt & pepper.

All mixed up & made into a few turkey burger patties.

Then cooked up in a hot pan (or electric skillet) until browned on the outside and cooked through on the inside.

The peach topping consists simply of fresh summer peaches, lemon juice, cinnamon & olive oil.

Sauteed in a hot pan until slightly soft but not too mushy.

I know – crazy right?!

To serve. Just pile the peaches atop the turkey burger and place onto a bun/bread of your choice & there.you.go.

Dinner is served 🙂

Take THAT ketchup!!! Right?

I really really enjoyed these burgers. They were full of flavor and the sweet peach topping was such a fun switch up from your average ketchup!

So if you’re feeling a switch up from the norm, definitely give these burgers a whirl. You may end up surprising yourself and really loving them too 😀



  1. I’m for it! A little savory sweet mix up rocks. Peachessssss

  2. I love peaches on anything, so I’m in!

  3. I have to admit, the peaches threw me off at first, but after reading through the recipe, I have to admit it sounds pretty great!

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