Just the other weekend I headed out to the country for a lil’ baby “sprinkle” for one of my good high school friends.  Second baby. So not a shower. But a “sprinkle”… how cute is that?! 🙂

Her sister planned the event with a theme of a “Reggae Sprinkle” (so cute!) so everything had a Caribbean touch.

On the menu: shrimp, plaintains, rice, tropical fruit… just to name a few things.

P.S. These ladies can COOK! This friend of mine has given me so many fantastic recipe & kitchen ideas over the years. Just givin’ credz 🙂

Then there was THIS DISH.

Jerk Wontons with Caribbean Salsa

Ohhhhh this dish. This one was a standout. And I just had to get my hands on the recipe!

So once I did, I decided to transform the appetizer-like idea into a main dish by using a similar (yet simplified) spice theme on some chicken in lieu of the chips.

I also tweaked the pineapple cucumber salsa with a touch of lime and some sweet canned pineapple…

Ignore the onion. It didn’t get used. Yea yea yea….

The end result was a super tasty summer dinner. Fresh & healthy too!

And by the way. This salsa is seriously so SO easy. And probably one of my favorite new summer refreshers yet 🙂

Crisp cool yellow & orange bell pepper. Cucumber. Diced.

Sweet canned pineapple, drained and diced.

So pretty!

Spicy jalapeno. Fresh cilantro. And a squeeze of lime.

Finished with a drizzle of olive oil. Sprinkle of sea salt and pepper.

Then a stir stir stirrrr it uppppp (ok ok, I had too :P)


I made this up earlier in the afternoon so it had some time to have it’s own lil’ party in the fridge and get happy. Hello flavorzzz! 😀

Once dinner time rolled around, I threw together a quick spice blend for the chicken using the following:

Nutmeg, chili powder, cumin and paprika.  Lil’ salt n’ pepper too.

Sprinkled it on some local chicken breasts and added to a hot pan with a touch of  olive oil.

Once browned on one side, I gave the chicken a flip and a squeeze of fresh lime.  Browned on the other side and covered until the chicken was cooked through.

P.S. I think this would also work wonderfully on any white fish if chicken ain’t yo’ thang 😉

To serve.  A bit of chicken. A pile of pinepple salsa. And a side of crisp fresh green beans!

You can’t tell me that just doesn’t screammmm summahtime?!?! 😀

Lil’ sis and I both agreed that the blend of spices on the chicken was a total win. Kinda sweet yet a bit spicy with each bite. Complimented the sweet n’ spicy salsa justtttt perfectly too!

Oh yea, and if you have any leftover salsa – guess what? It tastes just LOVELY with some crunchy salty tortilla chips!!

But then again. What doesn’t? 😉



  1. That looks so fresh and happy! YUM!
    Love the idea of a sprinkle. Adorable.

  2. Man! That food sounds so darn good. Yayy for plantains. LOVE the idea for cucumbers in salad

  3. Yummy. This looks perfect for this time of year. Sprinkles are so fun!

  4. I will take that salsa, and a spoon, and that is all I need to be happy.

    Ok and maybe some wine.

    Are you coming to the VMFA for happy hour tonight?? We’re meeting at 6!!

  5. LOVE pineapple salsa. My favorite recipe for it uses canned pineapple, which I always felt sort of weird about…glad I’m not the only one who takes that shortcut. 🙂 [Or who sometimes photographs ingredients and decides not to use them…]

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