It got just a lil’ windy here in Richmond the other day.

And perhaps a lil’ stormy.

Tornado. Derecho. Whatever they call decide to call it.

Guess 80-100mph winds will take down a few branches too? 😉

Oh. And the power.

Yea that. Lucky for me though I got mine back just in time to throw together this super tasty stir fry for dinner!

Starting with a simple marinade using basic ingredients, most of which are common kitchen staples in this house 🙂

Soy sauce.

Rice vinegar.

Sambal oelek.

A spicy chili paste. That’s amazing. But if you don’t have sambal. (1) go get some asap ;), it’s at most grocery stores or any Asian market. (2) use sriracha instead, note that it will add a hint of garlic too. (3) sprinkle in red pepper flakes or chopped jalapeno instead.

Pickled ginger.

I bought this on a whim at the Asian market. And find myself using it on anything I possibly can. It comes in little shreds and adds the most amazing fresh ginger flavor. For like $2 total. Use fresh ginger though if you can’t find the pickled.


Thin steak.

I used a grassfed eye round steak, sliced thin.

Sesame oil.

Another Asian market find. This one stocked at most grocery stores too. But use any oil you like here if you don’t have sesame on hand.



Frozen broccoli.

After simply marinating the steak for 10 minutes, begin by stir frying the onion and broccoli in a hot wok (pan) using sesame oil.

Add steak to cook through partially (or however you like it), flipping half way through. This takes no time at all.

Pile a few spoonfuls of brown rice or any rice/noodle you like into a bowl and layer on the beef vegetable stir fry.

Top with another spoonful of spicy sambal if you’re spice-crazed like me over here 😉

And in no time flat, a delicious dinner is served.

Leaving extra time for all that post-storm tree branch cleanup. ?

Or Bachelorette watching/wine drinking. Whatevs. I mean, priorities people 😛

So yea. About the stir fry. Give it a try, super easy and I think you’ll like it!

Oh yea. This marinade would also be great on seafood, chicken or even tofu I’m pretty sure. And if you like a “saucier” ‘fry then feel free to double the sauce recipe too 🙂


  1. oh man…craziness! Glad you got dinner together! There is something about the combo of rice vinegar and soy sauce that is just SO perfect

  2. Looks great! Glad you were safe from all the storms!

  3. Dude, the whole tornado thing was NOT cool. Not cool at all. (I get so freaked out by that!!!)

    Your stir fry looks awesome! I’ve been WANTING stir fry all day. And now you’re making me hungry!!!

  4. Looks delicious!

  5. You make the tasty quick dinners!! love them all!

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