But not so much… ?


I mean, how fun is this!?!

After seeing the idea on Pinterest (yea, I did it…) I knew it just had to be done.

All the ingredients in your typical California Roll.


Just kinda mixed up and inside out 😛

All you need is some cooked brown rice (or any rice).

A few toasty black sesame seeds.

A touch of dried seaweed.

And a drizzle of soy sauce.

Fresh ripe avocado.

 And a bit of surimi.


Or “imitation crab meat” if we wanna get all technical…

But that just doesn’t sound quite as swell now does it lol 😉

The easiest way to form the sushi balls is by using a 1/4 measuring cup and some saran wrap just like so:

Layer in a spoonful of the rice mixture.

Followed by a piece of avocado and surimi.


A lil’ more rice, then wrap it up and form into a ball shape, nice n’ tight.

The rice I used wasn’t too sticky and was also still kinda warm, so I left these individually wrapped in the saran wrap in the fridge until serving. This helped them stick together.

However if you’re using stickier rice and allow it to cool fully (and not boil in a bag brown rice that’s still quasi-warm haha) then you may be just fine without the wrap! 😉

After an hour or two in the fridge, unwrap the lil’ sushi suckers.


And place onto a serving dish.

Don’t forget to serve with some fun toppings as well!

Here we have spicy wasabi, sambal, fresh cilantro and pickled ginger!

Another drizzle of soy sauce also goes quite nicely 🙂

Pickled ginger may be my new obsession btw. Seriously can eat this stuff right outta the jar. Foodie problems? 😛

You can find the pickled ginger and dried seaweed at any Asian market. The rest of the ingredients should be on the shelves of your local grocery store!

And P.S. if you have any leftover ingredients, try making sushi bowls!  Bowl full of rice mixed with any and all of the toppings above is a super easy fun meal idea – trust me, I did it 😀




  1. Brilliant! Love the measuring cup trick

  2. These are so cute! And I really love the idea of sushi bowls, sounds right up my impatient alley 😉

  3. Pickled ginger is the best!! I just ate some tonight at Umi.

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