I think it’s no secret around here that Mexican inspired flavors are by far my favorite ones to whip up in the kitchen and place onto my dinner table.

Easiest Ever Cheese Enchiladas

There’s something about the cuisine that just captivates me…

Mexican Chicken Soup for a Crowd

Perhaps a love of all things spicy coupled with an affinity towards fresh, bold yet simple, comforting flavors.

Yucatán-Spiced Chicken w/ South of the Border Orecchiette Salad

And ever since this little read I just can’t seem to get enough!

Mexican Chicken and Potato Stew topped w/ Spicy Slaw

There’s so many fabulous ideas for south-of-the-border eats aside from the usual taco and enchilada too… 

Mango Ricotta Enchiladas

Although who doesn’t love a good twist on that ol’ classic?! 😉

Mexican “Lasagna”

Mexican cuisine is truly so much more. And I just.can’t.seem.to.stop!

Huaraches w/ Chicken & Refried Beans

So here are a few of my favorite Mexican-inspired eats, right outta my kitchen to yours…

Mexican-Spiced Chicken Tacos w/ Corn & Summer Squash Saute

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Exploding Chicken Taquitos & Chili Slaw

Which I’ll be celebrating tomorrow with some fabulous eats, friends and well, you know… 

Priorities, people 😉

Spicy Swiss n’ Mixed Greens Enchiladas

Hope you enjoy some spicy flavors and good times this weekend too!!

Black Bean Soft Taco w/ Fresh Mango Salsa

Happy eating 😀



  1. Yayyyy! We’re going out tonight to celebrate quatro de Mayo 😉 That Mexican Lasagna looks fabulous!

  2. Love Mexican food! Especially anything with beans and that is spicy 😀 Happy [early] Cinco de Mayo!

  3. You are the queen of the Mexican cuisine 🙂 I only managed to have Cinco-inspired breakfast, but I may have to celebrate later.

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