I think I’ve found a new summertime love…


And no, your eyes are not deceiving you.

Those ARE blueberries that you’re seein’ in that there salsa mix 😉

Plus a lil’ sweet bell pepper, spicy cilantro, tangy lime and fresh cilantro!


For some reason I just can’t get enough of sweet fruit these days…

Outta the norm for this lil’ lady – veggie lovah alltheway!?! 😛

But there’s been somethin’ about the lure of sweet berries that lately I just can’t seem to resist…

Especially when paired with a unique array of flavors such as this.

Inspired by a Whole Foods find that my girl Megan surprised us with just a few days ago!  So fun 🙂

Whether enjoyed atop a fresh crisp bed of greens with some sweet strawberries…

Or layered into a warm corn tortilla with some simply spiced tilapia…

And topped with fresh lime & avocado.

This salsa has totally stolen my summer heart <3


And I think that it just might steal yours too 😉



  1. I’m kind of anti-blueberry, but I can almost always love a salsa 🙂

  2. Hey, we both made crazy salsa recipes this week! Yours looks delicious! Mine was radish salsa and it was pretty tasty too. Would love to try this.

  3. YUM!!!! Eric (the bff) and I had a salsa EXTRAVAGANZA tonight. We basically bought a truckload of random ingredients and then experimented our hearts out, and ended up with 4 different kinds of salsa. However, we realized we didn’t try any FRUIT Salsas. (We wanted to do mangos, but they didn’t look good at Kroger…)

    Anyways, the point is blueberry salsa would basically make my life complete.

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